• Keep It Simple

    It is so easy for people to want to respond to this question as "no" to point out all the political loopholes and shortcuts that the reporesentatives in our government are oh so famous for making. if we take a step back a bit and look at our processes compared to other countries, we are proud to be able to vote for our elected officials and have a true (even if not "best") representation of the general population in our governing body. That is what a democracy is, and that is the United States.

  • Yes in General

    According to the use of Gerrymandering it's not, but in general the U.S. Is still a democratic country. We still vote and are heard in general in everyday decisions made through laws and through democratic representatives. There's no way that the U.S. Shouldn't be democratic on these points. I mean we are a united nation under God.

  • Not Perfect, but Yes

    Yes, I think that America is a democracy. It may not be perfect and it has it's defects but no matter what it still is a democracy. We the people still have the ability to vote and choose who we would like to represent. Also compared to other countries, I think that we are very lucky in what we have and how we live and that the politicians care SOMEWHAT about the people. It would be so much better if gerrymandering didn't occur. It would make it a much better democracy. Although it is not perfect and could be so much better, I still think that America is a democracy.

  • We are a democracy.

    To be a democracy we must be able to show the peoples interest in our government. This country does not do such a good job in making our opinion heard in our government. Just because our voice is not heard as loud as we would like does not mean that we are not a democracy.

  • an odd one, but a democracy never the less

    Yeah, we're not a direct democracy because of congress, but we still vote.The electorate college takes away a chunk of true democracy as well, and gerrymandering sucks, but we are still a democracy. Could we be a better democracy by getting rid of the electorate college, ending gerrymandering, and making the senate much more balance: yes, but we vote, people ,make decisions on our behalf based on that vote, we're a democracy.

  • Yes we can

    America is a Democratic Nation. Granted we may not have everything right or perfect, but try voicing your opinion negatively in some countries and see what happens. While I fully agree and stand behind that this nation is a Democracy, I can't say I fully agree with all of its practices. Whether it be the electoral college or gerrymandering, certain aspects of our elective system do need to be revamped. Gerrymandering is viewed negatively because it is a system that has one real purpose. Keep the majority rule in place. I can see no other political gain other than reducing the ground your opposition has to stand on. Unfortunately, your average American doesn't even realize this practice is in place or how it actually affects them. We can rattle off statistics and win-loss records of any number of NFL teams, but most would be hard pressed to name who is on any given ballot in their local elections. And while most can name Mr. Obama as the current Commander in Chief, I don't think your average American can even say which political party he belongs to (Democratic by the way). We are a democracy, and also still a somewhat young nation (237 years old), we still have a long way to go before perfecting our democratic system.

  • Are we a Democracy

    I think the only people that can answer that would be the people who actually get off the couch and vote. A Democracy only really works when all citizens exercise their right to vote. The politicians wouldn't know how to run if they knew that every American citizen was going to cast their vote. With that, manipulating votes has been going on in this country for quite some, in one form or another. Gerrymandering is no different, it too has been used by politicians to sway votes. Politicians use this tactic to increase their votes or to intentionally hurt their opponents chances by deliberately setting a district against their opponents party. Shaping a district by political demographics is a tool that politicians will continue to use, until a change is made. This manipulation of districts can be changed or at least altered enough to where it doesn't play as big a role as it has in the past. This change is nothing more than every citizen registering to vote and then actually voting. This would diversify the district and not allow districts to be labeled one way or the other. Then this manipulation wouldn't have the same results as originally designed. Gerrymandering will continue to be around until we the people change the way we allow our politicians to set guidelines on our states.


  • Yes of course it is...

    People seem to think the only form of Democracy is a mob rule pure democracy.
    We are a representative Democracy that allows us to elect representatives to vote for sections of the population.

    We are ALSO a republic because we have a system of states within the nation that have individual budgets and legal systems.

    This is not a black and white issue. We are both a Republic and a Democracy, but our democracy is not what's called a pure Democracy.

    Please pay attention in school, and take some Poly-sci classes in college.

  • Despite everything that's going on...

    America IS a democracy! There are still undeveloped AND developed countries that are far worse than what some people think America is. One of the reasons why some think America isn't a democracy is because of gerrymandering. It might make it a little harder to hear EVERYONE's opinions (minorities, other political parties, etc.), but we are still entitled to voting rights, and if we are truly concerned, we can definitely write letters or voice or worries to our state representatives. Just because we are grouped differently only for political gain, doesn't mean we can't get up and at least try. America is way better than other democracies in different places. And people who say we aren't a democracy are just sitting around complaining about how America isn't equal or fair, when they're not doing anything about it. Yes, we aren't perfect, but we are still unified as one nation, under God (whichever God you believe in, of course), indivisible, with liberty, and justice for all.

  • America is still a democracy

    Every citizen has the right to vote for their own favorite. The fact that politicians practice gerrymandering by redrawing districts does not make us not a democracy. It is not something we should be proud of but that's how politics works. Gerrymandering does affect a lot because it is done every ten years when the census is done. So for example, the census counts everyone living in the U.S regardless of status. Therefore, they count prisoners but prisoners are not allowed to vote so if you live around a jail or prison your vote will be worth a lot because you are speaking for those prisoners. That is something that is not okay and should be looked into. In 2012 the Gallop company released a poll that showed 47% of Americans favor democrats and 42% favor republicans, and today we have a democrat as president. This is what a democracy is, majority rules. Just like politicians find their way through gerrymandering, citizens have the right to fight back too. The residents of Orange County state that their districts are not only unfair but also racists. Reporters say that the residents can take the state to court for this with enough evidence, although it would be very pricey. This is another form of democracy.

  • Not a Democracy

    I don't believe that the U.S.A is a democracy because of the use of gerrymandering. The government is supposed to allow an equal population to vote, but with the use of gerrymandering they manipulate districts to favor a certain party. Are we a united nation under God or under surveillance?

  • No and no.

    The United States is not a democracy. On one level, it is not a democracy because it is a republic. To look at it more cynically, it is not a democracy because lobbyists, special interests, and corrupt politicians hold more control over everything than the common people. Either way, the US is definitely not what would be considered a "democracy."

  • For the People, Not the Politicians

    America was based on the beliefs of freedoms. Freedom of speech, of religion, and the freedom to have our own opinions and have them represented by those who we can trust and on rely on. After doing my research, gerrymandering is something that not a lot of people know about, yet those who do have a negative thought about it. Tweaking district lines so one political party can have more power than the other is not constitutional or right in any way. And most Americans don't have a good image of it anyway, so why isn't it being removed? Because people love power. And our voices are dwindling. Most younger adults are not voting or getting into politics because they believe their voice doesn't matter. And maybe that is the case now. The government needs to start making decisions based on the public-the majority. Not switched around district lines.


    The USA is not a democracy it’s a republic which is where the population elects their own representative to represent them in the government for their district, state; depending on their population in the state they are in. The USA is said only to be a democracy because it lets the people elect those who are going to represent their state or district. So saying the USA is a democracy it is completely wrong, second depending on how many people live in your state will influence how many representative your state can have. Having said this people are having less and less power to elect their representatives to go to congress thanks to gerrymandering. Since gerrymandering is were politicians redraw the district in their state depending on population every ten years when the census is made. Political parties have redrawn district where they make their political party the winner no matter if they lost in the overall vote of the state. That is why many districts look very weird in shape so that no matter how many vote for the other party their party will have the greatest advantage. In other words it doesn’t matter what the people vote for as long as they can continue to rearrange the district for their political party victory. That is why the USA is not a democracy.

    Posted by: E.C
  • Its our fault

    To start off, not many people know what gerrymandering is. With that being said, if we the people don’t know what happens in our districts and why it happens then things like gerrymandering occur. The United States government has control over us. There are so many people out there that just go with the flow. Yes, we have the right to vote, but does it really count? When they split up minorities that way they don’t have a say as a whole. There is no representation. It’ like flipping a coin with the heads on both sides, thinking we have a 50/50 percent chance it will land on tails, when we really don’t. The United States might be a democracy, but I think the government has taken over without us knowing. I think it is the people who don’t know what’s going on or don’t care.

  • Not a democracy in my eyes

    They say a democracy is a system of the government that involves the whole population. Which means that everyone should be equally heard and their opinion should matter. Lately it has only been those of more importance in the government that matter and everyone else is being exiled. The U.S. Is looking more like a dictatorship than a democracy. For example; gerrymandering is taking tole with the redistricting of the United States which is causing problems for everyone. The government is favoring certain parties and not all of them. In one of the videos they say, "In Anamosa, Iowa, Prison-based gerrrymandering 96% of the district was not allowed to vote". That being said, more than half of the population could not vote or their vote did not count because of the gerrymandering. More than half of the States is undergoing gerrymandering, which is making the United Sates not be considered as a democracy. Everyone's votes should count, whether they are in prison religious, or senior citizens. Some parties being chosen and the rest exiled is not how a democracy works. I think gerrymandering should be reduced because it is only causing politcal problems for the government and for the people.

  • Moving Toward Dictatorship?

    I believe America is not longer the great nation of Democracy that it was made to be. Democracy is supposed to be a fair vote of all the eligible population for someone who is going to better the country. I believe that with gerrymandering the politicians can manipulate certain voters to vote for them so the politician can continue with their own agenda. Basically, if the politician knows they are not going to win with a certain population he uses gerrymandering to win. An example of this would be like why the Democrats are wanting more illegal immigrants to become legal, so they can get their vote. Also, there have been a few stories in the news of voter fraud like the story of Melowese Richards, that surely hurt the nation being true democracy. Finally, people have been known to vote for the wrong reasons, or not vote at all because they do not like either candidate. Democracy is supposed to be by the people for the people, but when you have politicians working for their own agenda, the people are powerless. Politicians say one thing but do another, and that is really hurting this great nation. We need people who will do everything in their power to see this nation flourish.

  • Is It a Democracy?

    Many people could have said that the United States was where democracy was born however if the United States of America is a Democracy can be debated to a cold no. The reason for this would be do to the cold hard facts that surround our nation and the people who run it as well. Furthermore what leads me to say that the united states is not a democracy is do to the thing called gerrymandering. This instead of its actual purpose is abused to try and make a certain party successful and have a raining number of representatives such as in the case of Michigan, Maryland and Virginia where republicans used gerrymandering to re-district everything to their advantage. This advantage was to reduce the number of influence in the minority vote by putting all those in favor of democrats as one district. However what they were really doing was making unequal representation, which is diminishing the people`s voice and therefore making this so called place of democracy into more of a another form of government. I say this because the politicians completely ignored the people`s choice and instead picked out of their own interest. Another example of this would be in the 2012 where the general population voted on having the democrats as their state representatives and still they ignored that for completely and ended up having 3 democrats to 9 republicans. Through this I prove my point that the United States of America in indeed not a democracy do to these actions that were performed.

    Posted by: or9
  • Not a true democracy

    Many Americans are lead to believe that we are a democracy by saying we are and making us feel like we're involved by taking our votes and making it seem like we have a voice. When in reality, gerrymandering occurs and our voices get deluded. Every ten years, redistricting occurs and the politicians decide how they're going to redistrict the States. The reason for redistricting is because our population is constantly changing. Our country is the only one where the politicians decide redistricting. Having that kind of power can easily be taken advantage of and cause for cheating. Instead of drawing the maps equally to divide the population, they draw them in their party's favor to hold their seat. This is negative because then we don't have the representation we wanted and voted for. I think gerrymandering is still around because there isn't any laws that say it is illegal. Most of the time minorities áre the ones who get split into different districts making it harder for them to speak as one. A more responsible and fair way to redistrict should be decided by we the people. If this continues to go on we just might end up not being a democracy.

  • No representative government

    In my textbook it defines a democracy as a rule of the people, which means the people are the ones who decide what taxes should be passed, and what laws. A republic on the other hand is a "form of government in which power rests with citizens who have the right to elect the leaders who make governmental decisions." Ring a bell?

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ZuluM1o0 says2014-09-17T07:20:00.823
There are currently 435 seats in the House of Representatives. A political party needs 218 seats or more to become the majority. Currently there are 233 seats being held by the Republicans and 199 seats by the Democrats. As we go into more statistics, it gets much more intriguing. The republicans won 47.7% of the vote while the democrats won 48.9% of the votes. One might ask how it’s possible for the republicans to be in control of the House by a large proportional margin. This is made possible by a process called Gerrymandering, this is when a political party manipulates the boundaries of an electoral constituency, generally States, to get the results they want. And according to MSNBC news anchor Rachel Maddow the Michigan State house was voted by the people 2.3 million whom supported the Democrats and 2 million for Republicans but in the end the republicans still won because the Democrats even though they won the election they only has 51 seats in the house compared to the 59 the republicans had. It’s good for the politicians and their political parties but not to the voter because their vote is not being counted accordingly and this is why America is losing its values of becoming a Democracy. Such a thing should not be allowed in any Democratic nation especially the in the United States of America, it’s wrong and it is cheating. In order to discover why such an unfair policy still exists we have to realize that if a political party gets in control of the house they have power which is so important, political parties do this in order to get a maximum number seats to represent their party in the House of Representatives. Sam Wang wrote this in a Princeton Election Consortium article in 2012, “……….With the same popular-vote split (50.7% D, 49.3% R), 1000 simulations give a median result of 8 Democratic, 10 Republican seats (average, 8.3 D). The actual outcome was 5 Democratic, 13 Republican. In fact, only 1 of the 1000 simulations led to such a lopsided split. For the U.SA to be considered a Democracy this needs to stop.