Is the United States of America in a period of decline?

Asked by: Tophatdoc
  • Yes it has.

    Our economy's trashed, our freedom's been limited, and the world hates us. Even if our economy was better than it was a year ago, which it isn't, I still would have my doubts about how effective the government has been. It's embarrassed the US time and time again, and it's been weakening the country for too long. We used to be the world's superpower, and now it's possible that China may surpass us. That's just sad.

  • Of Course We Are

    Massive debt, failed education system, widening income gap, corrupt joke of a government, weakening influence on the world stage, stagnant economic growth, constant military conflicts that overstretch our armed forces, alienation from government. The only people who think the US will last another thirty years in its current form are delusional, flag-waving rednecks. There will either be a revolution, military coup, or outright social and economic collapse.

  • Are you kidding??

    Im no big fan of the american empire either, but as ive said before, its too easy to mistake the end of the beginning for the beginning of the end.

    The is currently occupying 130 countries from >700 military bases and has a bigger army then the rest of the world combined. Military and prison budgets are mushrooming while social infrastructure spending is virtually nonexistent. The media, owned by arms manufacturers, constantly bombards us with hate-filled images of 9/11 to gin up support for another war; and reactionary repugnicans are poised to win big in 2014 and 2016.

    If that doesnt sound like an ascendant empire, then i dont know what does. We would already be in WW3 if the 2012 election had turned out the way 2016 is shaping up to be; and we wont be so lucky then no matter which corporate suit wins the POTUS.

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