Is the United States of America the best place to immigrate to?

Asked by: bcas562
  • Statistic wise, America is the freest place in the world.

    The land of opportunity and the very euphemism for peace and happiness. Coming from a Canadian, I'm planning on going to Stanford as a doctor. Its going to be tough but its going to be worth it because all the opportunities it has. Every country has flaws, that is true. But we have to look at the general picture

  • We're in the top 10, at least.

    While the United States is a land of unbelievable opportunity for many people from disadvantaged Third World countries, our social attitude is nothing worth coming for. We don't offer decent health care or welfare benefits to take care of our sick and poor, and we are increasingly becoming a police state to rival that of the dictatorships we claim to be better than.

  • We are too divided.

    The United States divided against itself. The Democrats and Republicans are blinded by the hatred they share for each other. No matter what either side says, they put each other down. Our country is moving swiftly in the scientific and social aspects, but we are politically at a standstill. My advice for someone who wants to leave their country is to put the US on your list of possibilities, but I am sure you could find a more peaceful, relaxed country to live in.

  • It depend on what you're looking for

    Someone above said it well, people immigrate for different reasons. Some people immigrate out of America, not cuz they're dying to go somewhere else but because their job takes them there and some immigrate into America for the same reason. My dad immigrated from Panama, and he's made a great life for himself letting me also be able to forward the pleasure of the life he made for himself and my family. A lot people don't necessarily have the same happy ending, but some do. So yes America can be the best for some and it can be the worst for some. Blanket statements don't work concerning people.

  • Everyone has different reasons.

    People migrate for different reasons, Therefore there is no true Definition of "best place to migrate". A lot of things that America has to offer may be the things that a person is trying to get away from. But America is one of the top choices for many people in foreign countries.

  • There Are Better Places

    No, America is not very friendly with immigrants. Being an American, I do not know one person who hasn't used a racial slur. Though an American may not be racist directly towards you, they'll say it behind your back. Living in a diverse city full of African-Americans, Asians, Hispanics, and Arabs; I, and others encounter them daily. In Arizona, Hispanics are not welcomed at all. Hispanics are highly accepted by the few Democrats, but the Maricopa County sherrif, Joe Arpaio, is a bigot. I'm not gonna talk about that much because I don't wanna get off topic. I do know that other countries welcome and are thankful for their immigrants. There are much better nations than America. If I were an immigrant, I would go to Singapore, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Finland, or another leading nation. America is not the best place for a child to grow up in. All of these nations have much better healthcare, education, diversity, cleanliness, green energy, and maintain good relations with many countries with very little enemies, sometimes no enemies.

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themohawkninja says2013-11-06T01:07:22.660
It's all subjective to what the immigrant wants. If you want guns without the fear of a dictatorship then I would say that America is the best place to immigrate, but if you are looking for an area where whole towns are centuries old, you might want to go somewhere in Europe.