• America Is a global superpower

    America used to simply be a third world country, and we had many strikes of luck to get us where we are. We could not have even won the revolutionary war if it wasn't because of the french help. All they asked was for help when they go to war, but we didn't help them. Its time we stepped up and helped those fighting their oppressors, (even if it isnt a person so much as a disease etc)

  • Global Economy and Morality

    Helping other countries will give a kick start to their economy, which will help the global economy in the long run. As the country with the strongest military, the United States should be setting an example to other countries. If the United States were a third world country, wouldn't you want one of the best countries helping us out?

  • The United States is socailly responsible to help poorer countries.

    The United States should be responsible for helping third world countries, as should other first world countries. The US has so many resources that it is possible for the country to help these countries and themselves at the same time. It would allow the US to develop more trading partners, and friends abroad.

  • the USA is responsible.

    I do think the United States is responsible for helping third world countries. We do send quite a bit of aid to these impoverished nations, but it isn't nearly enough. The same rings true domestically. It's time to cut the military budget and start helping the people who need it most.

  • Other nations should help themselves.

    The United States is not responsible for helping third world countries. All countries need to learn to take care of themselves. America for too long has ben known as a rescuer of foreign countries across the world. It is time to turn off the gravy train and start expecting other nations to help themselves.

  • Not our problem

    The US usually does go and help the third world countries that are in need, but it is not our problem. We need to start trying to fix things here in our country, before we go and try to make sure that everyone else is getting to live like we do.

  • Helping third world countries is not a responsibility of the United States.

    Every country is ultimately responsible for themselves -- that is a primary condition of sovereignty. Therefore it cannot be said that the United States has a responsibility to take care of any foreign country. However, it may be in the US's interest to help the third world in order to stabilize those countries and promote security and trade. Furthermore, while the US government does not have a responsibility to the third world, that doesn't stop private American citizens from feeling they do on moral grounds, and contributing personally.

  • Don't help anymore america! Please!

    If a country is poor, It's their problem. And if they can't do anything about it, Well, They've just gotta suck it up. Actually, All countries can do it, It's just that people are too dumb. They aren't bothered to get educated and learn how to fix their economy. America should be a role model, Not a helping hand. Americans have problems of our own, And we need to use our money and labor to sort them out.

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