• The ignorance is too much. (And the Pro American Dictators)

    You can see, Especially on young people that they are too careless, Ignorant and just down right annoying. That's without considering how the sons of bitches supported various dictators in Latin America just because they were not communist during the cold war, And "Los malditos pitiyanquis" did not care about the damage they caused to a lot of countries in Latin America. That's why I can say that: "Odio a los desgraciados yanquis de mierda"

  • USA seems very much to be a state of isisrael now.

    From the private bankers writing the balfour declaration that drew US into ww2 to sacrifice their lives to fulfill their end of the deal to have support in militarily occupying Palestine (much like ISIS). To the same bankers creating the federal reserve and controlling the financial system of the US. It is hard to say one or the other is most hated as they are the same private banking cartel entity.

  • US had a violent birth and will decay into a most anarchic and chaotic society when the dollars dry up; very soon

    History will judge it as an advanced country without an advanced civilisation. Only primitive societies cling to violence instead of improving culture and becoming kinder and gentler. Up in space when you look back down on the planet you want to think of the earth as your home; your village. Countries like the US, Saudi Arabia, Israel prevent any peace and their prosperity is very akin to the robber bandits of the global village.

  • It's a close one between us and Israel.

    However I'd have to say that we're the most hated. We have a lot of enemies in the Middle East as well as China, North Korea, Russia and North Korea. And this doesn't include the general hatred that is spread across the world in general. I was in the UK just the other month and there is a lot of anti-america sentiment there because of the Iraq war etc. I can imagine that a lot of educated people in developed countries think the same way too.

    Not that you can blame anybody for thinking this way. I mean American foreign policy has been kind of invasive for a long time now and this was only exasperated by the Iraq war. We have a long history of toppling foreign regimes that threaten our own interests and are getting pretty good at invading Middle Eastern countries for oil related reasons. Don't even get me started on Israel...

  • The spotlight gets either loved or hated.

    Right now the United States is likely the most hated nation on earth. As the most known nation on earth it receives the most attention and this attention will sometimes be very good or sometimes very bad. As a powerful nation the world looks to the US to solve the world's problems so as there are problems the US is currently hated.

  • It's Lonely At The Top

    Yes, America is hated by other countries. It is safe to say that it is the most hated. Poking our noses in wars, blaming others for our hardships, and being totally ignorant of other countries has led to the hate. Though I think some of the hate is confused admiration. America is the best country in the world.

  • No, Israel is.

    Israel’s continued violation of international law; the relentless persecution of Muslims; their barbaric, murderous and cowardly attacks on innocent Arab women and children means that Israel is regarded as a pariah state around the world, especially by Islamic countries. North Korea and Iran are other nations that are more disliked than the United States – indeed, I would say that, if it were not for Americas unwavering political, military and financial support of Israel, it would be one of the best-loved nations in the world.

  • By some, perhaps?

    In large, I don't think that there is one nation that is universally reviled. While the US has its fair share of detractors, I also think we blow that perception up in our minds to larger than it really is. All countries, especially ones as powerful as America, are certain to have enemies.

  • Israel is the most hated nation on Earth.

    Israel is hated because some country leaders hate jews some want a person to blame for the problems of the world and one country leader is a coward that loves jhaild that coward is the leader of gaza hamas Israel come back to Gaza the people are suffering I know right most peaceful country on earth,is the only democerency in the Middle East,left gaza for peace and gives needs to gaza note their trying to give it to civilians. I know right. Country that should be most hated is NK!

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