Is the United States, under Obama, "a nation governed by fear?"

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  • We are not governed by fear.

    Obama's policies have not caused Americans to be living under a government of fear. If you tend to be afraid of a national government, then you will fear whoever is the sitting President. Now, Obama's drone policy does make it scarier to live in Middle Eastern countries for fear that your family or yourself will be victim of an attack.

  • Bush Jr Started Fearmongering

    The U.S. under Obama hasn't been a nation governed by fear. The fearmongering started with the administration of Bush Jr and his response to the 9/11 attacks. The war in Iraq was proof the Bush administration wanted to finish what his father started and used the fear of a chemical weapons attack to get his way. When there were no weapons of mass destruction, Bush refused to back down. The Obama administration had to clean up the mess of his predecessor, which could make some people fearful of the future in uncertain economic times.

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