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  • Citizens are not informed or prepared.

    Although the United States has enough equipment and staff to support and relieve people in a natural disaster, the government does not do a very good job at preparing the people with the right tools to survive. We the people lack in proper procedure and supply to live through a disaster within the time period that relief has to travel and arrive to our destination.

  • The United States in unprepared, but as prepared as it can be

    The United States of America is such a large diverse country they must handle more than one type of natural disaster. We must cope with tornados, nor'easters, floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes. It is impossible to be prepared for all these types of disasters, but it does a good job being prepared for what they can.

  • Yes, totally and completely unprepared.

    You would think a country as rich and educated as the United States would be extremely well prepared for any natural disaster. I think the opposite is true. Every time we suffer a devastating hurricane, the first step is a media frenzy to show pictures of the loss and suffering. The second step is a tour by assorted politicians. About the third day after the disaster, people finally start showing up to help.

  • Yes, They Are

    I believe for the most part the United States can handle natural disasters. Major natural disasters are of course hard to deal with regardless of where in the world they happen. I don't believe we're unprepared to a fault, we're just common in that we don't spend the majority of our time preparing for something that might happen.

  • The United States is prepared for natural disasters

    The United States is as prepared as possible for natural disasters. The president with the help of FEMA, the armed forces , police and other resources train tirelessly for natural disasters. Although i do not feel like there is ever a way to be completely prepared for anything the world throws at us i feel the United States is ready to handle most of it.

  • We are reasonably prepared.

    No, the United States is not unprepared for natural disasters, because we are typically prepared. Buildings and bridges are prepared strongly for earthquakes. Trailers are ready from FEMA for disasters, but FEMA may or may not choose to distribute them properly if and when the natural disaster actually occurs. But we are reasonably prepared.

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