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  • I Would Love To Sell You The Best Real Estate On The Moon

    I do not believe the Universal Life Church is legitimate. I assume it probably does little harm to its followers, maybe its even good for them, but somewhere someone is getting paid a fat check, in my opinion. But while you're here I would love to sell you the most promising piece of real estate on the Moon.

  • The Universal Life Church is not legitimate.

    The Universal Life Church is not legitimate. The practice of ordaining someone to be a minister without giving them any formal training is highly questionable. The sanctity of the marriage vow is implicitly desecrated by a fly-by-night, online ordained minister who only performs ceremonies in
    exchange for spending money. Although the ULC provides paper ordinations for a fee, how can this “church” be anything but a money-making scheme designed to take advantage of misinformed people?

  • No, it is no church.

    No, the Universal Life Church is not legitimate, because they do not believe there should be any rules about how people should leave. The Universal Life Church does not condemn any behavior, even if that behavior is harmful to others. The Universal Life Church allows victimization of people and children, just because they do not want to take a stand against any behavior.

  • Universal Life Church Illegitimate

    Unfortunately, there is nothing legitimate about the Universal Life Church at the moment. The "church" is more of a fanatic organization with mismatched beliefs that have no grounding. Literature used by the ULC is almost completely made up and filled with lies. Therefore, this church isn't legitimate by any means.

  • It is no church at all.

    No, the Universal Life Church is not legitimate, because it is the equivalent of no church at all. The universalists believe whatever they want to believe. There is no right and wrong. They do not follow any teachings, because they make up what sounds good to them at the time. It is the religion of no religion.

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