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    Stellamegacity Alobatdongsan Dự án đất nền đô thị tại Cần Thơ
    https://www. Reddit. Com/user/stellamegacity00/comments/i4pwdo/stellamegacity_alobatdongsan_d%E1%BB%B1_%C3%A1n_%C4%91%E1%BA%A5t_n%E1%BB%81n_s%E1%BB%95_%C4%91%E1%BB%8F/

  • Scientifically speaking no

    We don't know what is beyond the limits to the known visible universe. It could be empty or it could be infinite or it could be warped and folded in on itself.
    But even in the vacuum of space, Space exist and is something. IT goes really deep and I don't want to go over astrophysics.

  • A void: 'a lack of', The universe is not.

    I suppose you could make the case that space constitutes a void, But that is arbitrary because by that standard any gap between matter is a void. Now, There is much less matter in the universe than there is space, But even space is not empty. Every trillionth of a second, Particle antiparticle pairs spontaneously erupt from nothing and then (most often) recombine into nothing. The basic principle this works on is that any positive value plus its negative equivalent is equal to zero. Thus, Since a particle appears only in tandem with its antiparticle, The sum of the two being zero, The net charge of the universe does not change. (now I still do not fully understand how this compares to matter and theoretical negative matter, Since antimatter still has a positive mass, But opposite charge. ) I would hardly call a place this chaotic and filled with action a strict void. This is due to the fact that even when there are no particle-antiparticle pairs occurring, Nor matter occupying space, There is still some substance which exists therein, Space itself. Relativity tells us that space-time is a fabric which we can interact with, Meaning it cannot simply be nothing. Thus, Even where there is nothing else, There is an undeniably present template upon which the universe rests. The universe is not a void, But a tapestry.

  • No it is not

    The universe has quite a lot of things or matter in it like stars planets comets meteors ice water dust gas black holes white holes brown dwarf stars red dwarf stars all the junk that we as humans have put there the space itself is not really space it is filled with a thing called dark matter a VOID is empty

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