• Think about it

    Think of the probability that we are actually alone, that with no divine intervention we are here, that it is purely fate and all we are experiencing is a result of atoms. Think of the calmness you feel upon entering a church, think of all the sacrifices people have made for God. You say that there is no God because of the diseases, you must not have read the Bible. The things we endure are trials, our lives are trials.

  • I think the universe is designed.

    I don't think this universe is specifically designed for us earthlings, because as stated before there are many things that could have been designed better. I think an intelligent designer created the "building blocks" for life.

    Yes there are horrible things in this world, but there are polar opposites of everything. Its the universal balance.

    Good and bad
    night and day
    sad and happy
    pain and pleasure
    failure and success. etc.

  • Yes it is.

    The Universe is designed because it is a necessity that it was created. The only other possibility is that the universe has always existed--for infinity. But infinity in the past is an illogical concept. It is necessary to have a starting point, to explain how things got here. "It has always been here" is only wishful thinking.

  • Yes I believe it is

    I think the universe is designed. That it's is not just a coincidence that the Earth is situated so perfectly to support such a wonderful planet so full of life that we have here. And to the comment on the no side "why would god want us to die?", how can you enjoy an afterlife if you never die? I think God sets the world trials in our lives. Why? I can't say for sure. I think it's because we can't appreciate the good if we have never experienced the bad.

  • Look at snowflakes.

    If we magnify them they tend to look like highly complex structures. They consist of strait lines and symmetric angles. Basically they have all the ear marks of things that are created yet we know they are formed by natural forces that caused them to form. Obviously none of these forces have the ability for thought so we can conclusively say that snowflakes are not designed. If we look at even the average snowstorm, they produce countless numbers of snowflakes in a short amount of time. If natural forces can unknowingly produce something as complex as a snowflake in a short amount of time, it is easy to imagine how natural forces could produce larger and/or more complex things over a great amount of time.

  • No, that would make no sense.

    I'm splitting my points into subsections- Religious (sticking to Christianity here), scientific, and logical.

    Religious- God created us without taking complete control. We take great pride in the free will God has let us have. So anyone who takes the bible literally, keep in mind, you can vote one of two ways-
    1. Choose Yes, and you acknowledge- you're just a puppet, and God is some sicko, making all the bad stuff in the world,
    2. Choose No, and acknowledge the story of Adam and Eve is just that- a story.
    Obviously, 2 is better.

    Scientific- the universe is constantly changing every second, expanding, having resources changed in minute ways. If the universe was designed, none of this would happen. The universe is, as it were, open for business. Since it's still in construction, and looks like it will be for as long as it's in business, the design plans could never be fulfilled.

    Logical- Why design a universe where every crevice has to be thought out and every individual item has to be a certain way, if it;s just going to change every second anyway? Much easier to set up procedural generation systems, like those used in the not yet released No Man's Sky or Minecraft. Except of course, the universe has to have better procedural generation than even No Man's Sky can promise. But it still makes more sense to just set up the system, and see what happens.

  • I do not think the universe is designed.

    We can't live in 99.99999999% of the universe. 70% of Earth is water, we can drink about 4% of that. Most of the Earth is water, and we can't live on water without a boat. Diseases and other natural things that would like to kills us. Many parasites that live inside of children's eyes and other horrible things. If the universe was designed why would god want us to die? Or at least make life a living hell. No pun intended.

  • No the universe was not designed.

    If god designed the universe and each human specifically than how could he allow children to be born with no skin?How could he allow suns and planets to be destroyed?Everything in the universe is constantly changing. It cannot hold to one design.. Black holes suck entire galaxy's into them. Billions of stars implode on themselves. A matter of minutes many things change. Its not like god(if there is one.)just whiped out a blue print of the universe snaped his fingers and 14 billion years later everything is just as he left it. No, that's not how it works there is no way the universe was designed.

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