• It is expanding

    Scientists have proven that most other galaxies and large celestial bodies are indeed moving away from us. When an object moves away from another, it does something called redshifting. This means that the light emitted from the object turns redder and redder the farther away it goes. Telescope images have shown other galaxies turning redder. It is possible that the universe is infinite, but space is expanding. Some philosophers say some infinities are bigger than others. For example, the numbers in between 1 and 2 are infinite. The numbers in between 1 and 3 are also infinite, but is it a bigger infinite?

  • I'm sure this has been proven already.

    The Big Bang started at a singularity, and the universe has been expanding ever since. The universe is not infinite. The cosmic microwave background radiation that exists in the universe also proves this, because the Big Bang will have produced radiation of a short wavelength. In the present day, due to the expansion of the universe, the wavelength of the radiation has been stretched. Not to mention the red-shift of light, also proving that galaxies are moving away from us with increasing speed.

  • There is no end

    The Universe is always expanding. One thing that we can't really phantom as humans is that something truly can be infinite and never ending. However the universe is always expanding and does go on forever. One day hopefully can go outside of this universe and see if there truly is outside life form because we can't be the only ones.

  • Everything in the universe is growing further and further apart

    The universe is slowly expanding. Everything in the universe is growing further and further apart each day. The length of a day on Earth is slowly growing longer each year. This is the reason for the extra day on leap year and we will eventually have more days and even weeks as the universe grows larger.

  • Yes, scientists have proven it

    Yes, scientists have determined that the universe is expanding. When light moves away from us, it is shifted into the red area of the spectrum. Scientists have observed, using the Hubble Space Telescope and other such instruments, that the most distant light we can see is red-shifted. Therefore, that light at the observable edge of the universe is expanding away from us.

  • It is infinite.

    No, the universe is not expanding, because the universe is already infinitely large. The universe cannot get any bigger. The things in the universe can expand or move around. However, the universe is already as big as infinity, and the universe cannot get large than infinity, because it goes on forever.

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