• God is Great!

    The Bible said God made the universe--that there is nothing that exists without God. The beginning and fine tuning of the universe attests to forethought. The universe did not cause the universe. The universe did not design the universe. God is the supernatural cause of the natural wonder called the universe.

  • Perception is reality

    We know that there are roughly the same number of neuron permutations in our brains as there are elementary particles in the universe. As we exist in the image of the universe, so too does the exist in our eyes when we look up at a night's sky. God is the principle of symmetry and cohesion, which is what holds the universe together. Perhaps we are all fragmented pieces of God's mind.

  • God and the mind of God are one, and the universe is a thought

    For anything to exist, it must be possible beforehand for it to exist. The possibility of the existence of everything proceeds the existence of everything. This 'possibility' is knowledge, and knowledge implies a Knower, a consciousness, an external "I am". The universe is not the mind of the Knower, it a thought of the Knower. Nothing physical exists, only thought, and we are parts of the thought.

  • God is sleeping...

    ...And is dreaming the Universe / Multiverse as we know it. We are real, but "real" is a relative truth and is only contextual to our physical condition. Absolute truth lies just past the Veil; God is asleep, God is dreaming this beautiful creation and when God wakes, we will all be One.

  • Without thought nothing would be.

    The structure of the universe is similar to that of the structure of the neurons and pathways within the mind. The mind living could be the God existent within ourselves. Therefore, God is everywhere with everything experiencing itself subjectively. I also believe that entities within this universe could have played God amongst men at some point and could be still acting upon us today. Manipulation exists within every mind of every being. Therefore all matter that exists can only exist through thought. There are some prevailing arguments to everything. Especially when modern religion is involved. If you were a being with a purpose and found a less intelligent being would it be easy for you to keep your thoughts to yourself as to how you would procede? Or would you take advantage of a situation that could benefit you from the use of that being?

  • There is only ONE entity in the universe, of which we are all a collective part, God.

    The universe and all that is, was a thought, in the mind of God. Thought took form.
    We are ALL a literal part of God, the source of all that exists. We are ALL duel beings...Human animal body and Soul. The Soul is the extension of God. Our souls have lived forever, and will continue to live forever, in our natural spiritual existence. Souls inhabit human bodies to Experience Life. Human animals die, but our souls live forever. Our only reason for being here on earth in human form, is to live as a human animal, and to evolve. To learn to love even under the hardest of circumstances. Everyone, returns to God, upon the death of our human bodies, no matter what, because we are a Part Of God.

  • God is not greater thsn us

    Who's to say God's mind would be a replication of the human's mind and not a cats? What makes humans any better to be God's replication? And if so, humans are not the perfect replication either. If our neurons make our mind, and we still make errors in judgment, who's to say an almighty God wouldn't do the same? Is God then really above us in any way except for a largrr scale version of us?

  • There is no god

    It is a ridiculous presumption. The universe is not the mind of some spooky ethereal father figure. It is a an incredibly complex and awe inspiring construct, but a tangible construct none the less.
    Trying to dismiss a beautiful but quantifiable idea like the Universe as simply the brain of your own personal God Idol has no grounding beyond the Medieval ages.

  • Which God is this in relation too?

    The argument doesn't specify which God. In order for the argument to be considered valid, the correct God should be specified. There are thousands of known gods from the classical period to the modern day. Ra, the Sun God is widely reputed to be the first known God. This would offer more context to this argument.

  • A small collection of denials compatible with various theistic outlooks:

    No. God created the universe. This is a category error.

    No. God is eternal. The universe has a definite beginning and is effectively mortal. Therefore the universe is not God nor any part thereof.

    No. The large-scale universe is not a structure suitable for computation of any sort, let alone the sort necessary to function as a mind.

    No. Hell exists, and is the absence of God; if the universe is the mind of God, then you are part of God, so sending you to Hell would cause it not to be Hell anymore (which would defeat the purpose).

    No. The universe is a thought within the mind of God, but that's an entirely different thing.

    (Almost all of the other replies to this topic (so far) are kind of sad. Two of the "Yes" answers (rexiteke and an anonymous poster) are theists who just see the word "God", assume that the answer is "Yes", and spout bullshit that would actually prove that the answer is "No" if only they were listening to themselves. The other "Yes" (002682) and one of the "No" answers (bukowski_jr) have instead chosen to redefine "God" away from its obvious meaning in order to get the answer they're looking for. Another "No" (WishfulThinking) seems to have simply misunderstood the question. At least the anonymous atheistic "No" is coherent.)

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