• The students can't even spell!

    I took a class with them it it was a joke. The spelling and grammar of most of the students were no better then the third grade level. What good is a degree if you still can't use basic English when you're done? Don't hey make you take a Christian World view course? Yeah, that's important.

  • Yes, the University of Phoenix is a joke.

    I think that anyone who has half a brain in regards to education would say that the University of Phoenix is a joke. It really is nothing more than a diploma mill with no real certifications or credibility to back it up. No one goes there to succeed in any fashion.

  • Of course it is a joke

    Its a bargain basement education for a top shelf price, Notice how majors at other accredited universities and colleges take several years and not 8-10 months tops? What do you think UOP leaves out to grant majors so quickly? EVERYTHING. If you have the tenacity to better yourself and get more education go to a CC at least and get a respected education and save a bundle!

  • I have taught at Phoenix, My experience

    In every course I taught there would be a handful of students that took the work seriously. However, More who did not, And were only looking for a passing grade in order to hang a piece of paper on their wall. In their quest to grow enrollment the school sacrificed the quality of the student. It developed into a very depressing place to teach as students became less and less competent over the years. Their completely open enrollment policy almost ensures poor quality of student.

  • School is a for profit sub-par pricey alternative

    For people who do not want to take the GMAT or GRE (for whatever reason) this school is for you. If you don’t care how your degree is perceived by an employer (none of my employers, Former or current would ever hire a UOO grad) then this school is for you. But know this - your state university more than likely offers the same program that is three times the quality for 70% of the price with 10x the perception from the business community - and most offer these online. Research before thinking about going to ANY for profit school

  • Great place to BUY a degree!

    My husband got his B. A. From UOP. I got a B. S. C. E. From Univ of Nebraska. Both of us are now retired military.
    - husband spent 20 years enlisted and UOP gave him over 90 college credit hours for his enlisted performance reports and job descriptions. He then took 12 hours online (classes were a joke compared to my fresh & soph level classes)
    - v. S. I went to college full time for 4. 5 years and earned credit for classes attended. (I was enlisted for 8 years and used my GI Bill)

  • Literally everyone knows this

    Someone with half a braincell even knows that the University of Phoenix is a joke. If you get a D, Then you have passed and you get your diploma. If you go to any job interview, And they ask you where you got your diploma, If you say you went to the University of pheonix, Then they will automatically not get accepted.

  • All College & University education worth NOTHING for modern jobs and financial success

    College & University education worth NOTHING for modern jobs and financial success. Degrees are very widespread and almost all young'ems have them nowadays. Personal CONNECTIONS are worth much more than degrees in terms of getting a job. I have a Computer Science bachelor degree at a well known university (Like University of Toronto), And I still have spent around 7 months on job hunt during unemployment until i Landed a job. With hundreds of job applications rejections. And each IT job only lasted only 2~3 years on average In recent 2019, Each IT contract jobs posted lasted only 6 months. The pay on average is only around 50K in salary, Not much better than minimum wage jobs. Each job opening may have hundreds of other applicants. Modern University Degrees are are worth very little, Even STEM degrees too, All thanks to mass global wide competition, Extremely greedy bosses and mass outsourcing to cheaper countries.
    Me and my friends all got scammed and got loaded with student debs all thanks to massive greed of post-secondary education institutions

  • Marketing matters most!

    As a former brick and mortar Registrar, I have experienced the aggressive sales/marketing tactics of "officials" at UoP while attempting to obtain transfer/transcript data over the phone. Much like the car salesman working to sell a car, The UoP tried/s to get the necessary information immediately in order to make "the sale. " Traditional and secure methods in place to gain access to this sort of information are unimportant to the admissions counselor and an impediment to closing the deal. I can almost hear the conversation that precedes the call to the brick and mortar school: "What will it take to get you to sign up today? "

  • It is a complete joke.

    For those of you not wanting to go far in life, And not planning on going any further beyond this school, Maybe it will help you, But as for those who attend it and then try to attend a REAL University, They will laugh you out of their school and tell you nothing will transfer. It's a complete waist of money.

  • Pro working family

    My step-dad went the the UoP to get a Master's degree after he started a career in computers. That degree was vital to his growth in the field and the UoP provided the class structure and time he needed while juggling a full time job and a family. 15 years later, no one cares what school he went to for his graduate degree, just that he has one. This school is a good option for those who need to further their education but already have careers and can't go to a traditional school full time.

  • University of Phoenix is a good school.

    I met your mother at the University of Phoenix, and she is a fantastic woman. On our first date, we went out to a nice dinner and headed back to my place after. If it was not for the University of Phoenix, I would have never seen your mom naked. Thank you University of Phoenix.


  • What's The Deal?

    I enjoy going to college at the University of Phoenix, which is way more of a learning experience than local college here. I went to class everyday just to hear the instructor fight with rude students on their cell phones the entire time. The learning is the same, but just with ruder students!

  • Not at all.

    My work hours and family responsibilities would not allow for a more traditional education route, so I had to find another alternative.
    UoP was a little ahead of the game with the online classes, which I think brought about some initial questions, but now pretty much all schools, traditional and otherwise, offer classes this same way.
    I was able to advance my career and make a significantly higher salary.
    I tell friends no amount of education is ever wasted.

  • I attended UoP and then went on to earn my MBA in a traditional brick-and-mortar school.

    Online classes in general require far more discipline than traditional classroom instruction. It should be obvious that an online learning environment isn't for everybody. Personally, after four years of online classes with UoP, I was ready to sit in a classroom along side my fellow students and learn from a "live" professor who had the ability to answer my questions in "real time." So is UoP a joke? Absolutely not....Like any school, you get out of it what you put into it. My degree from UoP allowed me to get into a Master's program at a much more highly regarded school, yet I'd still say that my UoP courses were on par with my Master's courses as far as degree of difficulty and the amount of effort needed to graduate (with Honors, by the way).

  • It's not a joke

    The university of Phoenix has classes that are as difficult as a local, state or regional college. I've attended universities in Northern Michigan and can say that the classes at U of P were as difficult or more so than some of the classes I had at other colleges. The ability to be able to get an advanced education while supporting a family and working full time is extremely difficult and should never be looked down upon. I know students who attend major colleges who get less of an education due to excessive partying and lack of care by the institutes they attend.

  • Times have changed.

    Our society hasn't caught up to the new ideas and ways of learning. Some of us who are mothers, full time students and also full time workers need flexibility to get out degrees. School and life in general isn't cheap and many of our parents can't afford to send us to college which leaves us trying to get a good job that pays enough, being able to support ourselves and needing to go to school but be able to afford that school. U of P gives you the flexibility to be an adult that works full time and get your degree. I don't think the classes are easy AT ALL. I realize they are probably not going to hire me at a fortune 500 company but that's not where I want to work anyway.

  • Jokes on you.

    It's rather comical how often individuals express such hatred towards the University of Phoenix. Unwarranted hatred for that matter.

    Often people have arguments towards the University of Phoenix, but they fail to establish principles or foundations on which sound inferences can be made. It is for this reason that I would like to knock off two huge misconceptions about the University of Phoenix.

    First off, the University of Phoenix is a regionally accredited institution, which channels the same level of accreditation as Harvard, Yale, or even your local state school. What this means is, most credits earned will transfer, and the degree you receive is a real degree.

    Secondly, the University of Phoenix is not a diploma mill. Contrary to popular belief, the University of Phoenix demands strict attention to detail and requires extensive time devoted to academics. Course work at the University of Phoenix often comes across challenging, strenuous, and even vigorous at times.

    It seems an abounding amount of people have negative views towards the University of Phoenix because of their aggressive advertising and marketing plans. Look, it's simple, The University of Phoenix is not Harvard, nor is it trying to be. The school's main purpose is to provide hard working adults with an honest education. So regardless if you are for it, or against it, students who graduate from the University of Phoenix will receive a real-world education with real value.

    And to make some people mad, here’s the truth. Schools like Harvard and Yale don’t teach anything too differently than state schools or even schools like the University of Phoenix. The only things that separates them are distinguished faculty members, top notch facilities, and of course, years of unscathed prestige. To wrap everything up, you get out of it what you put into it. And that goes for any school.

  • UoP is both-a joke and not a joke (depending on your perspective)

    Being enrolled at the school for 1 year has shown me that just like every thing else in life, there are people that stick with it and people that quit. The first 6 or so classes were a joke (for me) because they were so easy, but looking at it from my classmates point of view I realized that they were elder and fresh out of high school. The elders had problems when it came to anything computer related and the fresh out of high school kids must have come from a ghetto because their grammar and spelling was atrocious. But now ending my first year, the quality of classmates have improved, because these were the people that either stuck with it and actually learned or were like me and were doing what they were suppose to be doing in the first place. This school is for people that like to do research and read, basically do the work with little instruction. The instructor is there to help if you have any questions but for the most part they really have little interaction with the students (at least with me). I'm not trying to give myself an ego boost, I'm stating my observation and interactions while being enrolled at UoP. I hated all of the required BS classes and now starting my second year I will actually be working on classes that pertain to my degree.

    Also I would like to add to the people that think that online schools are a joke and don't work, then don't buy anything from an online store. Drive to the actual brick and mortar store to buy things.

  • Worked Hard for Degree

    My husband earned a degree from U of P. He looked into a variety of programs and chose U of P because his program was a combination of classes with an online component. My husband and I both have graduate degrees and have had a variety of educational experiences at private and public universities. He worked very hard on his degree through U of P. The rigor and class requirements were equal to those of other private and public universities we had received degrees from in the past. Every class required a final project and collaboration with a learning team. It is disappointing to hear others make a joke of U of P when they know nothing about it.

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