Is the UN's vote to condemn Russia's occupation of Crimea an invitation for trouble?

  • It could be an invitation for trouble to condemn Russias occupaton of Crimea.

    Any move the UN makes against Russia could invite trouble, but Russia cannot be allowed to do whatever it wants in the region. The UN must stand up to Russia as an act of disagreement in order to set boundaries. In the case of Germany prior to WWII, European countries allowed Hitler to invade Poland in an act of appeasement which later resulted in an emboldened Germany taking over most of Europe.

  • Yes, trouble very well may result from the UN's decision.

    Even though trouble may come from the fact that the UN condemned Russia's occupation of Crimea, it was still the right thing to do. Just because trouble may come from something, doesn't mean that the UN should not have done it. Russia needs to be held to the same standards as other countries. But because of their attitudes about the West, it very well may lead to trouble down the road.

  • Yes, but condemnation is still important.

    Russia is completely unpredictable. Putin does not have a problem invading neighbouring nations and has even threatened to invade Lithuania next. So condemning this act certainly going to raise tensions however the UN did the right thing in condemning this act because the world has a moral obligation to protect the other nations and we must stand up to violence and militaristic actions taken by other nations.

  • No, it is not .

    In fact, by invading Crimea, Russia already started a conflict. The UN just had to decide which country they were going to side with. Of course, the UN would side with the smaller country, especially since they belive in peace whenever possible and do their best to end conflicts as much as possible.

  • Someone has to stand up to Russia.

    It is not an invitation for trouble because Russia responds to the use of force. Russia was quick to call for peace with President Trump because they know that Russia is not going to get away with pulling things over on the United States. It is wise for the U.N. to make clear limits for Russia.

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