Is the upcoming season of Game of Thrones going to be the best season yet ?

  • Yes, if the books are anything to go by.

    The section of the books covered by the upcoming Game of Thrones season is a great section with a lot of action and plot development. This means that the series season should be very good. There are a lot of great plot points coming up that should translate well to the screen.

  • The Upcoming season of Game of Thrones is the best yet to come

    The Upcoming season of Game of Thrones is the best yet to come. A lot has happened since the season started a few years ago, and the popularity has risen dramatically among the viewers. The best action and drama is yet to come, and with every season, it is intensified more by the course of action and events that unfold as the story progresses.

  • The first one

    I think that the first season of this show, and of every show on TV, is the best one to be watched. I think that any season past the first is just the same old stuff, and is the TV people just trying to extend a show as far as they can.

  • Never as good as the original

    I think that the first season of any show is always the best. Once you get past the first season and you have seen all of the effects and the way that the story line is going to be told then the rest is downhill. It is still all entertaining and amazing but still not as good as the first one.

  • Best is a relative word even when it comes to Game of Thrones

    The upcoming season of Game of Thrones will certainly be the most anticipated. There is a lot of pressure on the writers to provide a better product than last season. It will be quite unfortunate when this bubble eventually pops. No one could predict how good or bad a thing will be until after they have actually experienced it. Even then, debate is still rampant. I think Season 3 was the best season. That does not mean I do not anticipate the upcoming season.

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