Is the US a "Christian nation": Does use of the Bible in swearing in ceremonies indicate this?

  • U.S. was founded on Christianity.

    The founding fathers of the United States of America were Christian. This country is based on Christianity. The pledge of allegiance has the words "under God" in it. Using the Bible to swear an oath is also an example of our Christian nation. These beliefs that are so embedded in many are why our society becomes so angry that people use the words "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas".

  • No, it caters to no religion, Secular, theistic, Christian, or Atheist. As far as I am concerned, Constitutionally speaking, we are a free naiton

    First off, if you start labeling countries as religious, theny you can justify any intrusive moralistic laws. And frankly, I dont want to live in a nation where one can be so easily intruded on and interrogated by its government. As for Christian influence, if you want to play that game, then you have to accept that the nation is Enlightenment, Native American, Aristotelian, and Platonic. As all these structures influenced our countries government. As for Christian influence, it is definitely about Jesus teaching on non-aggression. Not about anything like homophobia, or Church states.

  • The US is not a Christian nation.

    One of the founding principals of the US is freedom of religion. The natives were not Christian, nor are many citizens today. There are several religions that don't agree with the bible. There are also people that aren't religious at all. Even if the majority is Christian, the minority still has equal rights.

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