Is the US a "Christian nation": Was the US intended to be a Christian nation by its founders?

  • In God We Trust

    Although the Constitution has no reference to God in it the founding fathers intended the majority of US to be Christian. They strongly believed in separation of Church and State so they left "God" out of the Constitution but if you look back at the Declaration of Independence there are references to "God" and "The Creator". It was no fluke that "In God We Trust" ended up on our currency.

  • Yes. Indeed it was.

    It clearly was from the start that this nation was a Christian nation regardless of other religions in this country. Every country is based on a main religion, and Christianity is ours. I don't get why changing to a secular nation is something to consider just to have everyone equal. Seriously....

  • Yes and No

    It is a christian nation, sadly, but it was not intended to be so.
    The prevalence pf Christian religions is frightening in our society today, and atheists like me are now considered a very small minority, so small that our opinions apparently don't matter. Such as

    We are "the minority of minorities"

  • The US is a Secular Nation

    The US is a secular nation and was always intended to be. Freedom of religion was one of the founding principles of the US, and although most of the founders were Christian, they recognized the right of others to choose a different form of religious expression or none at all.

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