Is the US becoming a Third-World/RINO (Rich In Name Only) nation?

Asked by: UTC-JNB-Ngugu
  • We Ignore the Poor Constantly.

    I've hit the city streets before. Homeless and poor people fill the streets in cities such as San Francisco. New York may seem shiny, but it is expensive to rent one studio apartment. We also seem to ignore the fact that the money we give to poor people will be spent soon. We don't give them jobs, which in turn give them assets. These assets will be spent on keeping their lives better. But, we do not educate these people.
    During segregation, blacks had no equal pay, which created black slums. These slums only grow because we do not try to educate AND re-educate them. We cannot give them any jobs since the factory jobs are dominated by robot machines. Only the youngest, prettiest of any group of people can get into McDonalds or Taco Bell. An elderly master chef would not be accepted into McDonalds even if he offered to lower the paychecks. The poor also grow poor.

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