Is the US correct in banning the Communist Party USA?

Asked by: Lexus
  • Is this freedom of assembly?

    I am not a Communist and I don't support anything they do. But this is a representation of inequality and banning our right to assembly. I believe that as long as they don't start murdering people in the streets, they should be allowed to continue, so that our constitution will survive and our rights be upheld.

  • It defies the whole point of democracy.

    The US is a huge supporter of freedom and to deny communist parties from having a say is just pure hypocrisy. Though communism itself does not support elections, if they have a communist party, and the people vote for communism, than that means that the people wanted the communist party in power, and didn't want the elections. The people are what matter in an election, and if there is no communist party, then the communist supporters have nothing to vote for.

  • It is absolving the promise of freedom of speech and assembly.

    It is wrong to stop someone from pursuing their political ideologies. If one is not free to participate in what they believe in where does the promise of freedom go. Down the drain. In doing this the USA has contradicted there own opinions which is quite hypocritical if id say.

    Posted by: Benw

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