• Keep them isolated

    They're on an island - if they escape they're on Cuban soil. They can be interrogated military style. They are prisoners of war - not regular prisoners. They shouldn't be mixed with other populations. What other place would have security like that? Because they wold kill at any moment - that's the reason to keep them there instead of on US soil with other US citizens who are in prison for non-military crimes.

  • They deserve it

    Why show remorse for these criminals? Did they show us remorse when they planned and murdered innocent people across the world? This is justice and these criminals should have no rights or protections. Really people, In human history Countries have done far worse to there prisoners I say they have it good for being terrorist. Let the all DIE.

  • I believe that it is justified.

    I believe it is justified because the prisoners there have either showed terrorist actions or traits. By keeping them in Cuba they cant harm U.S. Citizens. The main reason for Guantanamo Bay is to detain POW's and terrorists until they are tried in military court. They are treated fairly and are treated like a drug dealer in the U.S. The only difference is that they are terrorist or POW's that will be released when their war they were part of is over.

  • It is justified.

    Why? Because this is a military camp so there supposed to and do get treated like POWS. Its not unconstitutional because we are allowed to interrogate people with torture and because we dont kill them off. Yes some get tortured but its for good reason. They try not to but if they dont talk its there falt.

  • I support Gitmo.

    Blameless people do not get to Gitmo. It is the exactly right place for disgusting terrorists where they cannot harm anyone. Such scum deserve being closed and isolated for good and only a naive person can say Gitmo is unnecessary. On the contrary, the scum kept there are allowed to have too much freedom which they never give to those they take as hostages.

  • Keeping these terrorist prisoners maintained somewhere out of the United States is the answer.

    We do not want them in our country. They already want to kill us, so why would we want to keep them here? If they break out here in the United States, it gives them easier access to kill more of us. Keeping them out of our country would be keeping them off guard so that they would not know where to go.

  • Keep the terrorists away from the U.S.

    I don't feel they need to be mixed in with the people in the U.S. jails. It would be too easy to communicate with other people in the jails and arrange more killings and terrorist acts being in the US. These people should be kept separate on an island and away from the U.S. I don't know why Obama kept saying he wants to close it. I think it's a good thing.

  • Meet an unconventional threat in unconventional ways

    Terrorists across the world seek to turn their weakness, small numbers, into strengths by masquerading as David fighting Goliath. They exploit human rights and due process to create loopholes and to recruit others of a psychopathic turn of mind seeking to perpetuate and even normalise their murderous activities. They must be starved of this platform. In their actions they move to a new state of being that is not "war" as nation states understand it but has all the trappings of war. They fall beyond due process designed for civilised people and if justice is to have any meaning in dealing with terror then new processes must be created. Guantanamo is a valid attempt at such a process.

  • There are no Alternatives

    Of all of the alternatives proposed, there have been no sufficient ones seen. Taking them to a different prison, moving them to a new American-Based center, just letting all terrorists/DANGEROUS war criminals free, or even integrating the terrorists into American Civilian prisons: ALL SEVERELY FLAWED.
    The first two options would be incredibly useless. How in the world is a change of location a change for the better? Changing the location of the same type of facility is not going to change anything but just that: the location!
    The third option is an obvious no-brainer. We cannot afford to set war criminals free. If war criminals/terrorists were harmless, or petty things to be trifled with, we would not have any need for such detainment in the first place. As for the fourth option... Let me first explain something very directly... Civilian prisoners and prisoners of war are two VERY different things, but they are both detained for the same purpose, a purpose which would be completely defeated should we ever decide to integrate them: To protect our civilians. The purpose of Civilian Detainment is to keep other civilians safe, while at the same time, protecting the wrongdoing civilian by giving them a chance of correction, (i.E., why we call it a "Correctional Facility"). The purpose of war criminal detainment, however, is to protect civilians from the detainees. If we mix our civilians that we are trying to PROTECT, with the terrorists we are trying desperately to protect them FROM, we defeat the purpose, as I have said, and we put our own civilians at risk.
    So, when all is said and done, we cannot simply "End Guantanamo". There are no alternatives. We cannot just "move" the prisoners, that would fix nothing, we certainly cannot just let every terrorist out, and we absolutely cannot put our own citizens in harms way. Some reform is definitely in order, but as my Grandmother used to say,
    "When you have a problem, don't just abandon it in it's entirety; that will only make things worse. Fix it, work to fix every detail, and you will reap the benefits."

  • Have you meet the people in this prison? I have.....

    If you feel those in Guantanamo should be let free please leave our country you are a disgrace to those of us who have and currently are fighting for your freedom. Fighting to keep our country safe from people like the ones in this prison. These people have executed civilian, strapped bombs to children, planted bombs with intent to kill. These are some of the things in there files. Trust me, trust our country that we are doing the right thing with there insurgents.

  • The U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay is not justified, because the detainees have not been afforded a fair trial.

    Continuing operations at Guantanamo Bay is immoral and unjust to the prisoners currently being held there. No country should have the capability to lock away those that are deemed a threat, without a fair trial. While some prisoners probably committed crimes that would justify imprisonment, there are no doubt innocent victims that have been wrongly accused and imprisoned. No matter what, innocent lives should never be sacrificed in order to imprison criminals and terrorists. Also, enhanced interrogation techniques are immoral and wrong. Torture is a violation of our basic human rights and, in the 21st century, this should never be tolerated, no matter who the person is that is being tortured or the benefit to others that information gained will have.

    Posted by: ThirdArlie55
  • It's just immoral

    How can murders be justified? Or should I say immoral torture which is even worse than murdering. Most of the detainees are innocent. There are certainly some criminals among them. Let's assume that they deserve this immoral torture, then it should be the same for all criminals over the world. And what about innocents? Keeping them detained is just unethical!

  • Is the US detention center at Guantanamo Bay justified?


    US policy at Guantanamo Bay violates the United Nations Convention Against Torture signed by the United States in 1988. Some of the detainees were abducted from their home country after the United States illegally invaded. Both soldiers and civilians have the right to oppose an invasion by a foreign country. It is not criminal to defend your country. To hold a person in confinement for an indefinite period without due process is obviously and blatantly illegal and immoral. The US is sowing the seeds of its own demise. Why after preaching civility and justice for 200 years did those US values crumble with the Trade Towers. I think it is because the rich and powerful in the US are cowards. They would rather protect their own plush lives, rather than do the work of building strong political and legal coalitions to fight the violent criminal factions that stand against us. Those who wrap themselves in the American flag and preach about patriotism then violate the spirit of justice embedded in our constitution and bill of rights are leading us to ruin. The US has committed horrible crimes against some people. We have lost our moral standing and credibility in the world community thanks to the idiots we have put in power. Are we not better than this?

  • Why does America have the last say as to who has rights and who doesn't

    It is surprising that the world has kept so quiet about the infamous camp. There are prsioners all over the world who have committed heinous crimes against society as have governments. Yet here we are the "World" and its foreign governments who have to date not said a word against the detainees, regardless of whether they are guilty or not. They do have rights just like any other.

    Who allowed America to be Judge, Jury and Executioner in this particular case? It is a disgrace to Humanity and the civil liberties. It should be closed down and everyone guard army personnel who has tortured maimed and humiliated the prisoners there should and ought to be prosecuted for their crimes!

  • How can anyone support a no trial and illegal detonation?

    Cannot believe the ignorance I have read here, these "prisoners" are often held without any supporting evidence, no trial and under torture. Case of Shaker Aamer, held over 10 years with NO charge. Absolute idiots supporting an illegal and corrupt system, glad to see the UK and US governments are seeing sense.

  • It violates human rights, America isn't at war. Since when did "terrorism" become a sovereign nation?

    Guantanamo Bay is an atrocity and a blight on human rights and liberty, which America pretends to endorse for the World. The people in Guantanamo aren't prisoners of war. The "war on terror" is not an actual war, it's America sticking its nose where it needn't be. Terrorism is terrible, but keeping Guantanamo Bay open is not justified, it breaks the very liberties that America supposedly is a champion of.

  • Bush Secret Prison

    Billions of dollars in a defense budget...And we are worried about a few terrorist nut jobs from Yemen? Either send them to trial, accuse them, or dump them back in the mideast and save the cash. Americans cry that they are too dangerous to send to the "mainland." The US banks have done more to destroy this country than all these "enemy combatants" combined. Enough already!

  • Those being held there have no charges against them. It's unjustified.

    Wikileaks released documents that proved that 95% of those being detained in Guantanamo Bay have no charges currently against them. More than 80 of the 166 detainees have been cleared for release, but are still being unjustifiably held there. Only 5% of the detainees, about 8 people, actually have charges against them on file. The Department of Defense refers to all but those 8 people as "Detainees" as they're technically not prisoners. Keeping Guantanamo Bay open is unjustified and inhumane.

  • Completely unsatisfactory justification

    Understandably there are were reasons for opening that may have been more understandable within the context ie for maximum security reason, welfare of US citizens. However, a rebuttal to this is the fact that now in 2013 it can be confidently argued that the situation has changed and and re-modified itself. Perhaps before detaining and interrogation may have held some sort of a chance for a 'tipping point' to be reached-however now potentially with the growing number of attacks it seems evident that Guantanamo Bay is a very strong determinant fueling people. Yes there may be a issue but Guantanamo Bay is not the solution-the time/game has changed-similar to how US disastrously lost in Vietnam as it failed to understand the hearts and minds of the people/however docile and mediocre that argument may sound it is the crux of the issue.

  • If we claim to take the moral/high road and accuse others of inhumane treatment we shouldn't do the same. We are America- we know better!

    We know better. There is no justification for torture; detainees can say whatever it takes to stop the pain, that doesn't mean that torture brings out the truth- it just brings out the desired answer. Also no amount of torture would make a person understand and speak English... GTMO should be closed immediately!

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