Is the US government actively trying to kill the middle class?

Asked by: iggy1993
  • They are reinstating feudalism!

    For quite some time now we have all seen the slow deterioration of the US middle class, the gap between the top 1% and everyone else is rising by the day! They seem to be attacking any group that gives the upper hand to the middle class and removing any system (higher taxes for the rich.....) that was there to protect this previously thriving class!

  • The ones saying no to this are probably the ones benefiting. That's how gross, and pathetic today has become

    Today we no longer see the president position as special, but instead a gross embarrassing inconvenience. Woman around the U.S should be grossed out by him. Anyone that runs for Senate carrying his name is bad. Do not vote for anything supporting trump. Unless you want society to end soon, and more than likely lose your life while a racist excuse of a human being lives and will continue to poison whatever he touches. Woman/men supporting trump are GROSS.

  • Thought my government was the best. But retarded racists ruined it and should go inbreed

    All is the actions lead to believe that yes. Trump is the stupidest man to take office and all his associates know it. All trump supporters should be pissed that he's takes advantage of their stupidity. He lies in their face and makes them think there are only two decisions. I swear I could have convinced so many people too then. Pres is gross, any mother, father, husband, etc. Should also know how evil he is and not want him as their childs future " leader". Plus, what makes trump think this is his land? They should throw all racists/trumpers and trump in three states and let them live there. Then rest of states as one government, plus the world as allies. It's pretty clear that sooner or later the entire world will be against him

  • They know we are dead anyway.

    The cash cow they used for decades to empower the 1% has outlived it's usefulness and now is becoming a drain on their resources. It is the financial equivalent of winning all the money in the poker game and the leaving before giving anyone a chance to win back some money.

  • Cause Vs Effect

    I would argue that the US government is not trying to kill the middle class so much that it is trying to strengthen the billionaires who have control over it. No one is trying to actively destroy the middle class but the greed inherent to our system combined with the massive influence of the 1% is causing the unintended side effect of squeezing out the middle class.

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