Is the US government spying on all of our private electronic/phone communications and usage a violation of our privacy?

Asked by: violetviolin
  • Yes and No

    Yes I agree that the US government spying on us is a violation of our privacy, but we as citizens have allowed this to go on. We voted on and made legal many ways that allow the government to spy on us. Government spying has been made legal by us, but it is still a violation of privacy.

  • Yes, it is not the government's business.

    Yes, the US government spying on all of our private electronic and phone communications and use is violation of our privacy, because it goes into our personal matters. The government cannot just invite itself into our home and listen to our conversations. So too, they should not be listening to the conversations we have that are facilitated by technology.

  • Yes It Is

    I believe the United States governments programs that are used to spy on our private electronic and phone communications is a clear violation of our privacy. I think anyone who doesn't realize it is a violation of their privacy doesn't understand the extent of information they are capable of securing.

  • Yes it is a violation of privacy

    The government does have to protect the people in the nation, however there is a point where they go too far. If we are in our homes and think we are alone and in private then no one no matter how powerful they are has the right to try to take that away from us.

  • Big Brother is Not Watching

    The United States Government is not spending resources and money to spy on all of our electronic and phone communications. Unless there is a threat to the government, the FBI or CIA is not spending time and money to spy on Americans who are living their everyday lives. There are far worse enemies than listening to the friendly communications between its people.

  • Government Spying Doesn't Bother Me

    Obviously, the NSA has granted themselves access to everyone's communications and internet activity. However, I really don't care! I have nothing to hide and it is, honestly, suspicious when people so strongly protest it. Do you have something to hide? In that case maybe the NSA should do it more and take a special look at you. Just because the government has access to your personal data doesn't mean they're going to filter through it in detail. One, that wouldn't be feasible because that is just too much data for one department of the government to go through. Two, they only go through peoples' data who are suspicious of potential terrorist activity. Ultimately, if you are a law-abiding citizen this topic shouldn't bother you and actually should make you feel more safe.

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