• I agree that health care reform is sound and a step in the right direction.

    Although we eventually need to go much further to weed out the mass corruption of politicians due to special interests and lobbyists, the US health care reform legislation is better than nothing. People should know by now that it takes a very long time to get anything substantial done in our bureaucratic government, and even a baby step in the right direction is better than standing still.

    Posted by: R3ciP3Saye
  • The health reform legislation is the only concrete way to ensure everyone has equal access to health care.

    The health care reform act is the first and only step towards being able to ensure that everyone has access to health care. It was debated and discussed at length. The act has been thoroughly researched prior to being enacted. It is the only solution to the crippling health care crisis that our nation is undergoing. The legislation was based upon years of study and investigation on how the law could best be constructed and written.

    Posted by: Csabaxpart
  • I think the new U.S. health care reform is going to be beneficial to many Americans.

    Health care reform has been long overdue. The pharmaceutical industry has run amok. Many Americans have been without adequate health insurance and have suffered the ill effects of not having adequate medical care. The previously uninsured group of grown kids under 26 who are still pursuing their education and are still living at home cannot afford to get individual coverage. Exclusions for pre-existing conditions is criminal as far as I am concerned. Health care reform has only begun with this new legislation. There is still much more to be done.

    Posted by: ArvL0v3r
  • U.S Health Care Reform legislation is sound because it addresses the biggest problems causing lack of health care coverage among Americans.

    The Health Care Reform Package addresses two of the biggest reasons Americans go uninsured. First, Americans don't buy health insurance when they are healthy unless they can easily afford it because they are wealthy or can get group insurance, usually through an employer. People buy car insurance before they have a car wreck, life insurance before they die, and homeowner's insurance before the house burns down. But no one wants health insurance until they are sick. We are always in denial that it will happen to us. The Reform package mandates people to buy insurance. That way, people will have insurance and when the unexpected hits, they will not immediately be destroyed financially, or have to depend on public sponsored programs to pay their bills. Most important, they won't die or get permanently disabled from a condition proper care might have taken care of. Second, insurance companies understandably don't want to insure people for illnesses they know they have. This is like asking the car company to insure your car wreck, or the life insurance company to ensure your deceased spouse. The package supplies programs to give health insurance through possibly Medicare or expanded eligibility to Medicaid for those persons who never had the wisdom or the funds to get coverage when they didn't need it desperately. Plus to avoid this being such a huge problem, insurance companies are limited or forbidden to refuse to cover pre-existing conditions from now on. This legislative package is no doubt flawed and will be a nightmare to administer. It will be fodder for online outrage and examples of ineptitude or inequity. But what it is, more important than anything else, is a beginning. Social Security and Medicare were declared societal monsters that we would regret. They both started out with fits and problems and it has taken decades to get them to where they are now, and they are both still a work in progress. But they are now cornerstones of our national financial well being. Untold billions of dollars in welfare go unpaid and who knows how much hardship has been avoided through these programs. The naysayers would have stopped them, too. So let the Health Insurance Reform Package be a beginning. Its provisions are not engraved on stone tablets. What doesn't work we can unload and fix. What does work we can build on. But we have to start somewhere. As they say in baseball, you will never strike out if you never go to bat, but you will never hit a home run either.

    Posted by: gaijinboy
  • I agree with the US health care reform., I feel that all Americans should be able to have health care option.

    It amazes me that America which is a super power in the world doesn't afford its citizen free health care. If your a citizen in this country you should be able to go to any hospital and receive excellent care. Its a shame that many working adults don't have health insurance. I think health care reform should have been reformed years ago. There are so many countries with a successful free health care model that we can really adopt.

    Posted by: C0ImEIite
  • The problem with health care, as Obama himself originally stated, was about cost and not coverage.

    The legislation assumes the problem with the health care system is coverage, but that is an effect rather than the cause. Why are we spending over a trillion dollars (not to mention the negative impact it has on the economy) to force coverage on 35 million people when there are reforms that will empower consumers and reduce providers liability to drive down costs at a much, much cheaper price tag? This legislation is designed to push America into a single payer system (it is cheaper for companies to drop coverage and pay the fine), yet single payer systems around the world have failed in providing high quality care. Do you want a system where you have to wait for hours on an ambulance and have a bureaucrat rather than your doctor decide what surgery and medicine you're allowed to have. Before the government got involved through Medicare/Medicaid doctors cared for the poor pro bono. We as Americans have an abiding sense of charity, yet today that has been replaced by the false argument of no coverage.

  • No, the U.S. health care reform is a botched-up mess.

    Instead of working towards lower health care costs for everyone, the health care reform law that was passed will cause a host of problems. It will raise costs and encourage employers to opt out of providing health care coverage for their employees, which is the worst of possible outcomes.

    Posted by: ddeathnote
  • I do not believe that the health care reform legislation is sound, because I believe there will still be millions of people without adequate health insurance in the United States.

    I manage a home care agency and deal with individuals without adequate insurance on a daily basis. Many people believe that chronic conditions should be able to obtain assistance with home care needs. But, many times, only acute conditions are paid for by insurance or Medicare. I also have many employees without insurance, because they are unable to afford the co-pay and high deductibles. I do not believe health care reform will solve these problems.

    Posted by: FierceQuinton61
  • The United States' health care policy is still well behind many developed nations with fewer resources.

    With many developed countries providing health care to all of their citizens, the United States has yet to ensure all of its citizens are covered. Our health care costs are astronomically high compared to most of the developed world and there are still too many U.S. citizens without health care coverage.

    Posted by: UnknownClaud41
  • The health care policy is not sound, because it fails to take advantage of the benefits of capitalism to reduce the cost of health care in general.

    The demand for health care creates a false economy, for which Americans pay each day. Doctors demand that patients receive a certain treatment, and patients pay. For example, Readers Digest found that you are 25 times more likely to get a spinal fusion in Indiana than you are in Maine. This means that our health care dollars are grossly misspent, and the new legislation does nothing to curb this spending.

    Posted by: ScandalousJim41
  • I do not believe it is sound, because there are still millions of Americans who are without insurance and health care.

    The U.S. health care reform is not sound, because millions of Americans remain uninsured. Costs of medical treatments remain incredibly high. Also, medical funding directed towards the elderly is slowly decreasing. This will undoubtedly lead to a fall in life expectancy for the American elderly. Lastly, the legislation does not focus on helping those in the middle class.

    Posted by: PrettyVince50
  • U.S. health care legislation is not sound, because our government's track record of running any system is not sound.

    Anyone who believes it is a good idea for our government to be running the health care system is not looking at the facts. The USPS is currently bankrupt, and on the verge of shutting down, while FedEx is posting quarterly profits on a regular basis. The public education system has and will continue to fail, due to government interference and policies. While private schools are successful, with no government funding whatsoever. Social security is no longer ideal for those looking to retire. So, those who wish for the government to be in charge of health care better take a deeper look into what happens when government gets involved.

    Posted by: SulkyEzekiel
  • I don't think that the U.S. health care reform legislation is sound, because it includes no public option.

    Health care should not be something that a profit is made from. I believe that everyone brought to this life is entitled to be serviced with medical care. The health care legislation provides no public option, and forces people to pay private corporate insurance companies for a basic need. There needs to be a public option.

    Posted by: 5h035Con
  • The US health care legislation is not sound.

    The US health care legislation is not sound because it is unconstitutional. The federal government does not have the power to dictate what sovereign citizens may or may not purchase. Beyond the constitutional issues, the health care legislation is too far reaching. At 2,100 pages, it is longer than the bible, the Torah and the Koran combined. A more reasonable approach would to address single issues in a single law.

    Posted by: jackprague94
  • I do not believe that US health care reform is sound, there is still far too much unknown.

    US health care reform legislation can not possibly be sound as of yet. While a good start has been made and I believe there is a very good possibility that it will work better than previous legislation, I can't foresee it working as well as it has been predicted to work. There will be kinks in the road and there will be many bugs to work out in the near future, once it is enacted. Only after further tweaking will be become sound legislation.

    Posted by: T3ddDemon

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