• Yes, I think it is

    I think we have come a long way and are better than most. I don't think England has really moved that much further since 1998. The year they pumped out their human rights act. It seems like its too little to late. America has been doing this for over two hundred years. We got them beat.

  • England is a collective.

    Yes, the US legal system is better for human rights than England, because England is more socialist, and that means that people are seen as more expendable and wards of the state. Their health care system allows older people to die if they are too expensive to treat. That is not human rights.

  • You are Guilty in England First

    In England you are presumed guilty and have to prove your own innocence. In the United States of America we are presumed innocent and the burden of proof is own the State. Both have lawyers and judges to run the trial. This allows us to have better human rights in the United States.

  • England Is Ahead

    I personally feel that England's support of gay marriage means they are far better with human rights than the United States, not to mention their health care. The United States has some serious problems with human rights, especially the rights of the poor. We should not consider ourselves superior in this aspect. We have a lot of room for improvement.

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