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  • Brewer Again Invites Obama to Border

    I am very disappointed that President Obama and Congress have done nothing to stop the illegal flow of Mexicans and South Americans into American across the US-Mexican border.

    I had to laugh at President Obama’s tongue-in-cheek statement that building a mote and filling it with alligators would not work. It is true and funny because of the obvious! The US-Mexican border is 2,000 miles or 3,520,000 yards long. Assuming you would need 10 alligators for every 100 yards for it to be effective, you would need 352,000 alligators, which is more than the total estimated population of 200,000 alligators in the Florida Everglades. And, the cost to feed 352,000 alligators! And, the smell from rotting meat, what a mess!

    However, finishing the double border fence and building observation towers every ½ mile that are, equipped with high power Search Lights, high powered surveillance cameras, long range motion detectors, GPR – ground-penetrating radar to detect the building of underground tunnels, etc. and having them manned 24-7, now that would work quite well. Then add about 40,000 more border agents, with thousands of armored, machine gun equipped desert all-terrain vehicles and hundreds of well-trained guard dogs doing patrols 24-7 along the entire 2,000 mile long US-Mexican border. Guess what would happen then?

    Very few illegal aliens and illegal drugs are getting across the US-Mexican border!

    And, please don’t tell me that nonsense that they will then take boats or get on submarines to get into America. Despite the obvious, most illegal aliens could not afford passage on ships or submarines, and, the Coast Guard does a great job stopping boat engaged in illegal activities. It is one thing trying to smuggle 2 tons of cocaine worth $245 million on a submarine that cost $ 4 million dollars to build, which would be confiscated by the US government if caught; using that $4 million dollar submarine to smuggle maybe 30 illegal aliens for $30-$40,000 in passage fees is not cost effective.

    So guess what again?

    Very few illegal aliens and illegal drugs are getting into America via ships and submarines!

    And, the total annual cost of this the fence, equipment and 40,000 additional border agents would be far less than estimated $100 billion net (i.e. net after deducting state and federal income taxes collected from illegals) that is spent annually by the Federal, State, and local governments supporting illegal immigrants.

  • Look at the dramatic increase of the Mexican population in the US...

    that, alone should show that the border is nowhere near secure. All a Mexican citizen has to do is clime a short fence and be a novice swimmer. If the border was secure there would not be MILLIONS of illegal immigrants from Mexico living in the US. Nothing about the border is secure!

  • I've been down south, I've seen it with my own eyes.

    Is it secure? I can tell you from first hand experience living in a city a few hours away from the Mexican border that it is not. I've met I couldn't tell you how many illegal immigrants from Mexico. They've even told me how easy it is, and that people have been doing it for years.
    Not to mention the corruption involved, with the drug trade and such. Who's to say a border patrol officer wouldn't let a truck through if he was offered half a years salary to wave a truck by?

  • It Isn't secure

    We spend millions of dollars every year on securing that border and it is inefficient. There are still thousands of people sneaking into the United states every year. If immigrants can sneak in then there is no telling who else is finding their way into this country. We need to do better.

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