Is the US military going to turn on its citizens and start a civil war?

  • No the citizens are the military

    The US will not turn the military on its own citizens because our army is made up of US citizens. The army is there to protect citizens not to harm them. If we tried to cause a civil war in the US it would likely make us too weak to stand against anyone else.

  • Yes we are

    Our government is falling about and the military has been seen more frequently in the states. If we don't take action, a civil war will break out and the citizens will fight for their lives. The military has become too overpowering and is turning this country into a communism country.

  • The military has no reason to

    The men and woman who make up the military are not power hungry villains. They are just like everyday citizens, and they know that turning on its citizens means turning on their neighbors and friends. All of the men and woman who are in the military that I have met love their nation and it's constitution. These men and woman frequently die in order to protect this nation they love. Why should they turn on us when they are one of us?

  • The US military is not going to turn on its citizens and start a civil war.

    There is no reason why the United States military would start a civil war. The president is the commander and chief of the military, and he would never allow the military to do that. Although there are a lot of disputes about politics today, there is no reason for another civil war.

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