• Up is the right direction.

    Yes, the US stock market is heading in the right direction, because the stock market has made a great deal of gains in the past couple of years, and that is going in the right direction. The economy was depressed for so long that it was bound to improve at some point. I'd rather have it this way.

  • But it will fall temporarily

    What goes up must go down. Chances are the stock market will fall somewhat, but then it will go back up again. Just because a stock goes down doesn't mean the business will go out of business. It's normal for businesses to go through rough times. You just have to pay attention and know what will last and what won't. In fact when stocks are low if you know what is going to last and not go out of business then that's the best kind of stock because what goes down (and doesn't disappear) must go up. When stocks are low it is a great time to buy stocks just as long as you and/or your broker knows how to spot the stocks that will go back up.

  • Yes Since 2009

    Considering the overwhelming majority of people invest in the stock market in their 401k then yes the stock is definitely heading in the right direction. WE have been heading higher since March of 2009. I'm sure this 5 plus year rally won't last forever but for now the stock market is definitely heading in the right direction.

  • I beleive that it is

    I believe that it is going in the right direction due to all of the people prospering from it. There are many examples of this prosperity. One of them can be Warren Buffet. Company are able to take off from the ground up with the help of people who see a cause or potential in the business. As long as what happened in 1929 doesn't happen again i can agree and say that the stock market is heading in the right direction.

  • No, the stock market is headed for a fall.

    No, the stock market is headed for a fall because it is too high right now. It has gone up quickly and the economic data is not really there to support it. There has been a literal frenzy of buying lately and valuations have gone far too high. The stock market will correct downward and will not keep going up as it has been doing.

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