• Our Government IS, but WE the People can Change that.

    We say no to religious extremism, yet we support religious nut-jobs like Saudi Arabia and Israel.

    We tell countries to become democracies, yet we have had a hand in overthrowing many popularly elected governments, simply because they wouldn't give us access to their natural resources.

    We deride countries for poor human right standards, yet have arguably committed the gravest cases of human rights atrocities since the UN's inception.

    We preach about our great system of government and laws, but both are a joke. Our government is run by two parties who are sponsored by the same corporations, who went to the same elite schools since they were children, and who enact basically the same policies.

    The list goes on forever. We need to fix ourselves, and stop acting high and mighty to other countries.

  • The so called land of the free is a joke

    All people living in the USA think they are the best and the greatest but they are everthing but. Only already stating that you are Americans is a joke. All people living in north, Middle and south America are Americans, You are just USAers! Don't clame thing that are not yours - this happens all the time. You can not even speak openly what you think. The only thing one hears are bibs, Or you are talking in alphabet-words, Like a "N-word". Get real, You are nothing less than hypocrites who cann't face the truth. The whole world is laughing at you. And having a 5 years old spoiled brad as president does not improve the situation. . . . . . .

  • Absolutely, Definitely, Most certainly YES

    Only an uninformed ignorant brainwashed American could claim otherwise. The facts are plain to see. Not just that the US is the biggest hypocrite, It is also the biggest danger to the world itself. Americans, Do us all a favour and have a bloody civil war already and help the world.

  • They are the embodiment of “freedom”

    There’s nothing free about America they were (and arguably still are) colonialists they declared war on Spain for their own gain and to take Cuba and the Philippines and they bully other countries into trade like japan and they also “civilised” the rest of America after gaining independence by slaughtering natives and proclaimed all men are equal(unless their not fully human also known as black) the moral of the story Is the US (mainly just government)is a scummy racist cesspool of filth

  • Most hypocritical? Maybe. Extremely hypocritical. Yes.

    A few things immediately come to mind such as sanctions on Iran for (allegedly) developing nuclear weapons, Even though the US themselves have such weapons. Embargo on Cuba under the guise of it being an "oppressive regime", Even though it's just retaliation for the embarrassment of bay of pigs. Speaking about American exceptionalism, Even though rampant discrimination and injustice occurs within the US borders. Trying to portray a civilised character but condoning torture of prisoners. Pretending to respect the rule of law but carrying out extrajudicial abductions and the lack of justice for the everyday person on the home front. The list is long.

  • Land of the hypocrites

    Think about it, We are invading countries and forcing others to give up their nuclear weapons. . . Yet we have them and are the only country to have used a massive nuclear weapon(the atomic bomb). We Afghanistan because of 9/11 and the thousands of civilians killed from the attack(my condolences go out to everyone effected from this and wish it never happened) But when we invade Afghanistan we kill far more innocent civilians than 9/11. Same with Iraq seems like we are the real terrorists not a single Iraqi citizen has gone to America and killed people while our army has killed thousands of Iraqis( whether on purpose or not). We care about human rights yet we support Saudi Arabia even though it has commuted mass human rights atrocities. Seems like all we truly care about is money and our own political agendas.

  • Amerikan r gey

    They just r lol i guess i am not a chinese spy i am real amerikan they think chinese peope eaat dog but rly they just sncak on them it is not that bad i am not russian either just reguler emerica on every day life haha thank you for reading

  • War on Drugs

    The USA have restricted medical cannabis decades and all of a sudden states are legalising it? In the UK we have to live with your influences and pressure. DEA was made to stop 35, 000 prohibition officers losing their jobs and cannabis has been used as a tool to discriminate against blacks. GET THE USA TO FUCK.

  • Hypocrisy and it's lead to Reverse Racism

    Right now there's a huge argument that there is "white male privilege". I'm a white male, I grew up poor like everyone else, My ancestors came here in 1890 after slavery was abolished. They were serfs that came here from Russia. To the ignorant people out there who don't know what a Serf is, Here is a definition; an agricultural laborer bound under the feudal system to work on his lord's estate. My family did not grow up with "white privilege", But to even say that is prejudice because I'm white. This hypocritical reverse racism is going to get out of control. So because I'm white I have to act happy and nice because of my special privilege and never act as if I dislike anyone even if they're an asshole? Seriously? Everyone is racist, Although you may not think it, I've met people from different states of different skin color and backgrounds and yes it's true. I've heard a black male openly talk about how racist America is, And then spout out a bunch of racial slurs at a passing person of Asian descent, Then turn around and talk about how he treats his girl like garbage. I've met a man who came here from Puerto Rico to work, And he believed all black males were lazy and depended on welfare. I've met a Korean woman who thought anyone of Japanese descent was a horrible person. Hate is embedded in the human body. Not because white people rule the world, But because we're a competitive species. We needed that competitive drive long ago to survive and flourish as a species. It's not about black or white anymore, It's about who has more money or who's more famous. At a certain point in America when the rich of all racial backgrounds not just "whites", Bleed us dry then we'll finally realize how hypocritical our country was. We're all poor under dogs, That's what we really have in common in America. It doesn't matter your skin color. The sooner we realize that, And stop living in fantasy world where the streets are paved with gold and everyone is always nice to each other, The sooner we can grow as a people that share the same nationality, Americans.

  • Yes they are

    The USA is not doing well at home but at the same the they stick their nose into other countries business to accumulate resources under the falsehood of freedom starting war and destruction everywhere they go. They got the most incarcerated and homeless people, Hugh debt's and rediculous amount spend on the military. Also backing dictatorships such as Saudi Arabia but trying to coup a legitimate president (Maduro) whom people voted for. They should stay out of other countries businesses​ they got enough problems of their own.

  • Not really, no.

    While we do support Middle Eastern countries, we support the government, not the idea.

    We have to throw out old governments, because they are ruthless dictatorships that won't go peacefully.

    While some war crimes may have been committed by the U.S., if we stroll over to the DPRK, or Syria, you will find worse.

    The system isn't a joke, we don't preach it all that much, and they aren't "sponsored' like some T.V. Show.

    If I had to say who was the most hypocritical, I might go with Russia for claiming to be better than the U.S., when they have had a horridly timed mass revolution, which turned into a terrible state, which eventually broke into many different countries, all while giving arms to the dictatorships while trying to keep good relations with the U.S.

  • Hahaha. Absolutely not.

    I dare say Iran is far more hypocritical, claiming a desire for peace and cooperation, while launching provocative attacks against minority factions of Islam and Israel. Russia, also, could be held to the same standard, as it preaches peace on one hand and ships weapons to radicalized faction on the other.

    China condemns US imperialism, while starving it's own citizens and encouraging infanticide of female infants with it's "1 child rule". It is even more hypocritical for buying out US debt, in an attempt to financially enslave the very people it claims enslave the world financially.

  • Middle Easter culture

    Is the inventor of hypocrisy.. Even the religion of Islam is a contradiction to its name.. They want justice but they are unjust to evn their own women.. They want freedom.. But the freedom they want is the freedom to oppress.... They even manage to put the words ' honor' and 'killing 'in the same phrase... Their way of liberty is to give more power to the already strong (men) at the cost of the weak (women)... As an 'Arab' woman, myself, I say that being Arab is not a culture but a character flaw that I am proud to not support. America is only a hypocrite when it lets these people practice their unjust ways on its ground!

  • There are other countries that are hypocrites

    The Venezuelan government is more hypocritical. They banned guns except for themselves. Many countries governments say they need the guns for protection, but so does everyone else. They ban semi automatic weapons while arming their guards with multiple pistols, essentially emulating a semi automatic weapon's power collectively. In the US, at least for the average Republican, they support gun rights for protection.

    Posted by: asta
  • USA is just like any other democratic country

    USA is just like any other democratic country. Like all other countries USA is concerned about its own development/benefits/progress and safety. This might sound like hypocrisy to the outside world. But, by that yardstick all countries are hypocrisies only, Can you name one country which is totally philanthropic and ZERO in hypocrisy ??

  • The most, the least, the best and the worst- nonsense

    The never ending need to declare what is most or least, best or worst is getting old. We, as a nation, are unique in many ways and so are many other nations. It is arrogant to believe we hold the supreme position. We have accomplished much, learned much and, at times, failed to admit and correct our shortcomings. We have made mistakes, so who doesn't. Hypocrisy is something all governments and nations exhibit from time to time.
    The colonies breaking away from England formed a Nation, a good thing.
    America tolerating England’s occupation of Ireland is not a good thing. Yes, we have made mistakes and other nations will seize the opportunity to call foul.
    It is beyond question, America is a generous nation and has accomplished a lot in a very short time. Many nations have relied on our generosity and support.
    The framers of this nation provided a great document as the foundation. Americans should be proud yet not arrogant. Americans should be proud but still vigilant. The Constitution is America; it speaks to the rights and freedom of its people. This nation should extend the same courtesy to other nations. Simply, the entire world does not need to be like us, think like us, worship like us. All nations are unique and, in the absence of acts of aggression to oppress others, should remain so.

  • No I doubt it.

    While the US is hypocritical at times for a country, that does not mean they are the worst at it. I think every country as a little but of hypocriticalness going on behind the scenes, or right in our faces. It is just easier to see the flaws in your own country than others.

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