Is the US welfare system more harmful than helpful?

  • It does need to improve

    Listen i get it some people are sick and can't work but the young ones who mad terrible choices in life need to get their booty up and work and the goverment needs to focus on making more shelters because more shelters means more homes and food for the homeless so intstead of giving them money to buy drugs and alchahol they need to make shelters fbi open up!

  • The welfare system provides critical assistance to those who need it.

    Although the welfare system definitely needs some tweaking, the fact remains that government sponsored social programs provide critical assistance to those who need it in order to survive. Regardless of what type of system is in place, there will always be a minority of people who will try to manipulate it to their benefit. It is important to remember, however, that these people are the minority and that the majority of people who take advantage of social welfare programs are genuinely in need of the services they provide.

  • No, the U.S. welfare system has saved lives

    The United States welfare system has saved countless families from starving. It is certainly not the fault of any child if a parent is not able to find work or happens to be disabled. Food donated to welfare has fed countless children who would have had nothing to eat. This food has made families healthier, which in turn results in less sickness, as their immune systems are stronger.

  • The welfare system helps those in need

    Regardless of the type of support, some people will always try to find ways to abuse the system. Welfare programs truly help those in need, primarily children, when used correctly. If a child does not have access to basic necessities like shelter and food, he will not do well developmentally or academically. Helping children helps our future.

  • Welfare is helpful to people that cannot help themselves.

    Although some people abuse welfare, it is a useful program for people that are unable to work. People who are disabled and unable to find jobs depend on welfare to stay in their homes and feed their families. Welfare is hardly a source of regular income; it is much lower than a regular salary, and therefore this reduces the abuse of the system.

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