• The USA has more powerful military

    The USA has well trained military than Canada Canada has a weak military a poor government and a poor health care as well while the USA has a more powerful military a rich government and of course a better health care as well ok ok ok ok ok ok bye bye

  • Canada is better

    Ok so 80% of Canadians support lgbtq and only 60% of Americans support it.
    We have a lower crime rate, We rate higher education wise and on the "happiness scale" (apparently thats a thing) we are less obese, Our leader is not racist or homophobic and sexist, America has abortion laws and many famous people in America who work with the law have disrespected women, Not to mention our healthcare is universal. There are so many sites about how Canada is better than America and only a few which give REAL points about America being better than Canada. The answer is obvious. . . . Even on this this websites both sides of the debate are supporting Canada. There really is no competition.

  • Canada is a place of peace , where as America is a place of Shootings and drug use.

    Canada is better because of many reasons , and I am going to tell you why in point form .

    - Canada has 2 years more of life expectancy . America being 79, Canada being 81 .

    - In Canada , when caught with drugs , they are sentenced to 5 years in jail or more. In America, it is less or not cared for.

    - And Finally , In Canada , We actually make good changes with our government , and America takes no part in any change, and couldn't care less about law changes .

  • No, It is not.

    Canada, In almost every statistic, Surpasses the USA. Social welfare? Check. Annual income? Check. Healthcare? Check. Pharmaceutical costs? Check. General happiness? Check (World Happiness Index, 2019). Murders per 100, 00 people? Check (much, Much lower).

    Then, We have subjective opinions which are my personal favourite parts of Canada; People? Friendly (minus Western parts of Quebec, And Alberta if you're not white). Constitution? Ever changing, And not tied to dated and near-ancient ideologies. Government? More representative of opposition which perpetuates positive change. Gun laws? Strict. Healthcare? Federalized through taxation. Cannabis? Legal. Prostitution? Also, Legal. Democratic socialism? You betcha, We get the economic incentive of capitalism with the public benefits of socialism.

    To the credit of the USA, They do have a higher substance-use age (which is congruent with scientific consensus on alcohol on a developing mind), Stunning geography (Canada has some beautiful landscapes, But the US has more variation), And the USA has a stronger military (which is good in a bad situation, Those of which the USA finds themselves in much more frequently, So perhaps this is just proportional).

    I've lived in both countries, And Canada takes the cake by far. I've lived in; Quebec, Ottawa, BC (briefly), Vermont, Texas, And New York (also briefly, Due to costs).

  • No Canada is better

    The USA is not better than Canada 🇨🇦 Canada is much better than the USA the USA has so many school shootings while Canada has a lot of polite people and Canada has more peace than The United States so yeah my final answer is no ok good bye 👋

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