Is the USA overdue for an armed revolution, not unlike the Bolshevik Revolution of the late 1910s?

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  • Yes and no

    While the conditions are not as bad as the conditions of imperial Russia I do believe we may reach a point if current political/moral issues are not resolved like gay marriage, abortion or defender of Israel we could lead Revolution with twice the blood shed and clot as any other revolution in history. I do believe war will be the only way these problems will be resolved, historicly wedge issue are Usaly only resolved with extreme blood shed, for example the wedge issue of states
    Rights and slavery were not resolved till the civil war.

  • Yes, because these Justin Bieber fans are OUT OF CONTROL

    Now im not a big fan of communism and all that, in fact im not a fan of it at all, but that doesnt mean there isnt any value in violently overthrowing the government to achieve a political means.... Theoretically speaking, an armed revolution could only serve to temporarily remove the government from power while society shorts out some crap they couldnt handle legally..... So we have a revolution, kill a couple million Bieber fans (25 million should do the trick) and then let the government come back. Hell maybe we could even tweak a few things in the government while we're at it

  • Are you kidding?

    Is the U.S. overdue? No. First of all, one must realize that not all revolution results are good. A prime example is the Bolshevik Revolution mentioned. The revolt, which started in the Spring, ended the czar's reign. Part 2 of the revolution, followed in the Fall, bringing Lenin into power and Communism. Red October, as this revolution was often referred to, gave the country a weak provisional government. They remained in WWI, but most companies (about 50%) left the nation. The result was a social, economic and political nightmare that had too many variables to list here. Do we honestly want that for America? Another example is the revolution led by Castro, in 1959, that ousted Baptista. It too resulted in a Communist government. While Castro made strides in things like illiteracy and public health care, he did so at a high price. Cubans lost much of their economic and political freedom. As a result, they began to steadily flee the island nation in any way possible -- hoping for asylum in America. Is that what we want? I don't think so! And there are no guarantees that the worst couldn't happen! There's an old cliché, "You never miss a good thing, till it's gone." With that and America in mind, would you really want to learn that lesson the hard way? I know I wouldn't!

  • No, definitely not!

    First of its hard to compare countries like pre- revolutionary Russia in which the Tzar complete control of his subjects to the current situations going on in the US. Yes the US has problems but reform is a better option rather than a violent revolution. Also its probably bad to suggest the Russian revolution as an example on how to base your revolution considering that in the long run they just traded one dictator for another dictator. In the end U.S has no use for a revolution because it is already a democracy, people revolt in order to get some form of democracy, what the US need can be achieved without violence.

  • Conditions aren't comparable, and few desire such a result.

    The Russians had lost a significantly higher number of soldiers in a more evidently futile conflict against an enemy that had far greater retaliatory capabilities. In this power separated republic with term limits and elections, politicians change out and share or evade blame, unlike the in the Russian empire. The population is more stable, food is still plentiful, and social services are more pacifying. There are many in the U.S. who defend capitalism, and wouldn't welcome communism. Despite the tradition of glorifying armed rebellion, Americans also value peace, moderation, and stability. While many dislike the legal measures implemented within the last several years, there hasn't been a recurring incidence of soldiers firing on civilians as was the case in Russia.

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