• Absolutely.

    If history has taught us anything, its the fact that no state can remain at the top forever. However, the US is currently at the top of many things. Culturally, it influences much of the world. Economically, it is the greatest. Scientifically, there is no mention. Medically, it has been and is still a saviour. In terms of living standards, it is high. There are many problems, but the positives outweigh the bad. Overall, the US has a positive and tremendous impact on the rest of the world.

  • Yes, In my opinion

    It provides opportunity for anyone. You can live somewhere else and move here to have freedoms and rights they don't have anywhere else. The USA is not perfect but I feel like it is the best choice and provides the most opportunities for success to people of all ages, sex, and race.

  • It Really Isn't

    It's inflated with it's own ego and it's unbearable. An American got angry at me the other day because in New Zealand were told the Ernest Rutherford split the atom. He got angry because we say he is a Kiwi.
    He was born in the Brightwater, New Zealand.

    It infuriates me beyond belief. They believe they are the centre of the universe and that they own freedom. The only reason they make a big deal about it is because it's a new toy for them, one that they only use because everyone else has it.

  • Hardly.

    Sweden, The Netherlands, Great Britain, Canada… all better than the U.S. in my opinion. However, I am frequently classified as one of those “liberal hippies” and asked “why I don’t just move to [whatever country I’m swearing is better than the U.S.].” Either way, I give the U.S. respect where respect is due. We certainly are not the worst country in the world. But, in terms of the things that are important to me, which are fairness, equality, and general happiness, other countries take the cake.

  • No Chance

    The only Thing America leads the world in is the number of people incarcerated per capita and the number of adults believing in angels. In the top 10 liveable cities in the world 4 are Australian, 3 are Canadian and 0 are American. For those who exclaim America to be the land of the free, I have to tell you it sort of isn't. Your economy has hit a dead end. I guess you sort of didn't think about trading with an up and coming region like south east asia, instead you persisted to trae with a declining europe. Unfortunately for you now, your doing really poorly on an economic scale. Socially, your sort of embarrassing yourselves. You are ranked in the top 3 for diabetes and obesity. You some how find it confusing that you legalise the right to bear arms and yet there are so many armed robberies. Similarly you host some of the most world renowned, and might I add, self proclaimed, most dangerous areas in the world "the ghettos". Politically, you're a mess. You were actually stupid enough to give bush a second term, allow for congress, not the people, but a partisan group to change your constitution, and you make your own people pay for your own healthcare. Patriotic morons say that there are freedoms and rights obtained no where else. Sorry to say this to you but these rights are actually experienced right across the globe in hundreds of countries. I'm so curious as to why you would believe that by any means you are the greatest country in the world. For me, Switzerland, New Zealand, Canada, Australia and England are all far better nations then the land of "opportunity" where unemployment rates run high and the morons lead the way

  • No, not in my opinion

    No, I do not think the United States is the greatest country on Earth, and I think that may be the downfall of this country. We are not a perfect country. We lag behind in many things, such as education and healthcare. We do allow equal opportunities and have many benefits over other countries, but until we fix our educational system and reform healthcare, we cannot say we are the greatest country in the world.

  • No

    I personally don't think any country is the greatest on earth. Country's within the uk and Australia, a lot of countries in Europe are doing very well. And although it is true that America is doing well in science and media, think of the debt that we are in. I think a lot if countries in the world are fairly equal.

  • Not at all

    A recent international Gallup pole concluded the USA posed the biggest threat to world peace. Four times greater than North Korea. Any country with an ignorant population great enough to vote for morons like Trump proves this point. The corporations that have bought the congress are unconcerned about the long term effects of climate change and support a new nuclear arms race for profit.

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