Is the USDA a wholly-owned subsidiary of Monsanto?

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  • No It Isn't

    There is no question that Monsanto is an incredibly powerful and influential corporation. It is also beyond dispute that Monsanto receives a disproportionate share of government favors, including corporate welfare which is not necessary for such a wealthy corporation. But it is not unique in those factors. Other companies act similarly, so to say Monsanto is the only one influencing the USDA would be incorrect.

  • Hyperbole doesn't shed light on the issue.

    No. I think Monsanto is playing fast & loose with research and the law, but to say that a branch of the U.S. Govt is just silly exaggeration. Hyperbole works well in some rhetorical settings but doesn't make much sense as a poll question. If you say yes to the question in opposition to Monsanto, you affirm a non-factual statement and just demonstrate either ignorance or gamesmanship; neither sheds light on the subject.

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