Is the use of capital punishment an appropriate penalty for murder?

  • Why? Just why?

    People deserve to live, and when they get shot for no reason? Or for a reason, doesn't matter, the person that killed them should be killed. Its an unfair advantage towards everyone! The death penalty is appropriate no matter what the circumstance is. People that have killed, should be killed.

  • I do not want to feed a murderer.

    I in no way want to feed a murderer for the rest of his life. Kill them. Drug dealers do not deserve to live around murderers. Kill the murderers. Murderers live their entire life in a cell, what kind of life is that. Kill them. Murderers are of no value to society. Kill them.
    Need I say more?

  • A rational justice

    Letting a person to live who killed "knowingly and deliberately" killed someone is irrational
    1) they will cause a heavy cost on exchequer suppose if given 15 yrs jail or 5 yrs asylum or rehabilitation.
    those who believe they can be utilised for economic reasons and can be productive should look at the current budget of prisons of any nation.
    2) STATE OF MIND: there is provision for defence in every constitution to prove either the murder was unintentional, unevitable, for defence purpose or the convict was not is a normal state of mind and many such cases. In all suc cases, the convict is never giver capital punishment. in almost all nations, number of capital punishment is less than 10% of the murder cases of that time. So all we left are the people who killed for some heinous purpose, like rape, money etc.
    3) Rehabilitation program do not gaurantee any change. for a criminal mind of that extent, assuming even 50% success is superficial. now even considering that by preventing death of 10 people who have killed 10 innocents already, you would have killed 5+2.5+1.25+.65+.32 = about 10 innocents more. Does this sound ok, and that too when we assume that one killer will kill one person only.
    4) All society works on the principle of fear, the lesser the punishment, lesser is fear and more will be the crime. reason why crime cases are very less in west Asian countries.

  • How else will they learn?

    Give me one statistic that shows how many criminals end up being freed from jail and don't do the exact same thing over again. The pyschological issues that murderers and rapists have don't neccessarilly allow them to walk away from committing the same crimes. Why give them the opportunity to live a life that they had either taken or ruined. Go ahead and get their sad lives over with.

  • Why Do they have the right to live, and not their victims?

    Capital punishment is good as it conveys the authority of the ruling institutions. Stopping many from committing a crime they know they will pay dearly for. This also gives justice to those whose family members were stolen from them by the whim of someone who thought they had the right. Furthermore Murderers forfeit the right to life when they take another, and they do so knowingly many a time. The implementation of capital punishment would furthermore take out a huge drain on the law abiding citizens taxes, as those they would normally have to pay for (in the form of prison care) are now gone. BUT It must be stressed in the cases of self defense, murder can be justified

  • Yes.

    Moral: if you take ones life away you lose your right to life. Legal: from a legal standpoint, only the racial objection stands. The courts say its okay to execute innocents, abd the problem there is greatly exaggerated. And the racial objection fails under RAND studies which I found to be the most comprehensive data. 3 researchers, one data set, 3 methodologies, same result: DP not racist. Society: 17 studies find deterrence.

  • I do believe that the use of capital punishment is an appropriate penalty for murder, if the justice system demands a punishment that is as severe as the crime.

    I believe that truly heinous crimes, like mass murder, deserve a punishment that is just as severe, in order to send the message that these crimes are not to be tolerated in civilized society. For that reason, I do believe that capital punishment is an appropriate penalty for murder.

    Posted by: ToughEfrain26
  • Yes, capital punishment is an appropriate penalty for murder, because murder is the worst crime anyone can commit, and if they know that if they get caught committing it that it would be the end of their own life, then they may think twice about it.

    Yes, the use of capital punishment is an appropriate penalty for murder, because murder is the worst crime anyone can commit. And if the perpetrators know that, if they get caught, their lives would end, then hopefully this would dissuade at least some of them from committing this type of crime, and save some lives. This penalty should also get expedited more quickly, so it does not cost the taxpayers thousands of dollars per criminal to house them and file appeals.

    Posted by: MycCra2ii
  • I am against the use of the death penalty, because it has yet to be able to provide a deterrent to any crime.

    My brother-in-law was killed by a person robbing a gas station, as he happened to walk in. I would have rather seen the murderer stay in prison to think, remember, and to hopefully see exactly what he had done. Not only to my brother-in-law but to our whole family. If capital punishment is not a deterrent, then the alternative better suits the crime.

    Posted by: N Cotton
  • Absolutely, capital punishment is necessary to deter more murders as well as validate the inherent value of the victim.

    Capital punishment is an appropriate punishment for certain types of crime. High treason, or heinous crimes like torture, rape, murder are appropriate for capital punishment. It is imperative that society protects its citizens from such brutal criminals, and the most sure way is execution. This will make others think twice before committing such acts, as well as show the inherent value of a human life by punishing those who snuff out innocent lives.

    Posted by: NettN355
  • I disagree with capital punishment, because killing those who have killed is hypocritical.

    I believe that murder is a heinous crime. I also feel that they should be punished for their crimes. What I don't agree with is when we kill others for killing. How is this any better than what they did? God will still punish you if you kill, regardless of whether or not you felt justified in doing it. There is no justification for murder.

    Posted by: CleanJoey
  • Unless someone is physically caught in the act of murdering someone then, no, I don't believe the punishment would be appropriate.

    I believe there are too many errors that could possibly be involved in the "trial" process. It is a fact that people get falsely convicted and incarcerated only to be proven innocent years later. If you take into consideration crooked cops, shady lawyers, and the meek juror who is too timid to speak up and therefore votes with the majority then you would see how flawed the system can be. I am not suggesting that the majority of civil servants are bad, but everyone can make an error in judgement or a mistake in their job. I know many will argue the cost of keeping a murderer alive is outrageous but I just can't see how killing anyone can be justified by dollars and cents. California has a "3 strike" law when it comes to shoplifting which means on your third conviction you get 25 years to life in prison for stealing. If we got rid of ridiculous laws like that, then maybe housing a murderer for life wouldn't seem so costly.

    Posted by: 5h4bbyHaIey
  • Capital punishment should not be used as punishment, as it causes more harm than good, and ignores the fact that society is to blame for the murder.

    In America, we act retroactively instead of proactively. We stand by while children are abused, neglected, and taught evils by their parents, and then punish them as adults when we are forced to see that the individual has problems. It is scientific fact that a child's upbringing causes the brain to make certain connections, and if a child isn't taught compassion, they won't feel it for others. We need to be proactive and protect children before they become murderers.

    Posted by: daveyxh
  • The government is not responsible enough to decide if a criminal should be put to death or not.

    The government should not have the power to put people to death based on their convicted crimes. There are a lot of people who have been wrongfully put onto death row. It's too late for some of them, but fortunately others innocence have been proved. If the government is to put people to death based on extreme crimes, then they should have little to no margin of error when someone is convicted beyond all reasonable doubt.

    Posted by: RayEar
  • Capital punishment should never be used; it is hypocritical and animalistic.

    Capital punishment is one of the sicker inventions of humanity - murder is one of humanities most despised crimes, and yet in order to punish people who perpetrate we do exactly the same to them. This is complete hypocrisy. In assuming we have the right to kill someone lawfully, we assume a hateful and inappropriate God-like role. Rather we should try and understand why someone carried out a murder, and whilst public safety should not be threatened, rehabilitation and reintegration of the murdered into society should be paramount.

    Posted by: TownP4tty
  • Killing never discourages violence, and one death can't mitigate another.

    Making the State a second murderer doesn't do anything to reverse the pain or bring back the victim. It serves as retribution, which is not the State's role. All the arguments have already been made - capital punishment costs more and is an ineffective deterrent, and spills innocent blood - so if anyone still endorses it, then revenge is their motive.

    Posted by: Th4Fire
  • Murdering people for murdering people

    Perpetrators of murder are not deterred by the death penalty. The state of mind it takes to commit such an act "with malice aforethought?" Would not allow for such a rational conclusion to be made. With this one exception 1)the execution of someone convicted of murder. Otherwise why would the state take such precautions as having several switches or buttons pushed or otherwise engaged so the person who actually pulls the switch can plausibly deny that he or she has actually committed the homicide. "is murder so bad we should murder you for it. What a horrible cycle. Have we learned nothing!

  • They should suffer

    I think people should suffer and die in suffering and pain they would need to feel the same way people did of who they killed. Many people think that they should die but others think that they need to suffer there whole life. And that is what others think but who knows

  • As a former police

    As a former police I don’t want to be arresting people knowing that they will be murdered don’t get me wrong we do need to have justice in this world but not like that they are cheating the system they should have to live with and if I get the wrong person witch could happen I don’t think I would be able to live with myself

  • Your loved ones will just die and you won't be able to visit them.

    Imagine a family member going on holiday to China, Iran or another place where the death penalty is considered, And you get phoned up, That they have smuggled drugs or attempted murder, Convicted of treason, And they will be getting the death sentence. Not even being sent to jail so you can’t visit them. They are just gone. This could even be yourself, Dead just forgotten in the world, Sometimes you go being hated for the crimes you committed.

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