Is the use of ethanol for fuel contributing to the global food crisis?

  • Yes it may be

    Perhaps using ethanol for fuel is contributing to the global food crisis because the resources that they maybe using to produce it, could be used instead for food production, not to mention it could help cut back on some of the harmful carbon dioxide emissions that they produce whilst in the fermentation process and of course when it is being burned as fuel.

  • The road to hell is paved with good intentions

    Ethanol mandates were well intended. The goal was to help American farmers while simultaneously reducing emissions and conserve gasoline. Unfortunately, this has removed corn from the food supply and this has raised the price of corn and reduced corn exports to countries who need them. Ethanol as a fuel is just not working out as well as hoped.

  • The use of ethanol for fuel is not contributing to the global food crisis.

    It is clear that there is enough food in the world to support the current population. Ethanol is not a threat to the global food supply. Furthermore, most countries still rely on traditional fossil fuels rather than alternatives such as ethanol. In the future, countries will develop clean energy such as wind or hydroelectric.

  • Not At This Level

    At the current use of ethanol for fuel, I do not believe it is contributing to the global food crisis. I believe it is sustainable at the current level and the number of cars produced to use this fuel should be limited. If use increases it could impact food supplies too much.

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