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Is the use of platitudes "just words" (yes) or can they bring about change (no) ?

  • Say Something Useful

    While at first it seems that platitudes would be appreciated by the masses, most individuals, when it comes down to it, want to hear the facts. They want to understand and know how things are; they want to understand how things are and how they are going to turn out. Telling the masses 'things will be okay' gives the people nothing to work with as far as change for themselves and, quite frankly, people like being able to make change for themselves.

  • Unfortunately they can

    People should make decisions based on the facts. Yes platitudes are involved in both positive and negative campaigns but if people didn't take platitudes seriously and went solely on the facts then only the positive campaigns would win and positive campaigns would not have to resort to platitudes to be effective.

  • Platitudes Can Bring Change

    For evidence that even the most banal of platitudes can in fact cause some very real change in the world, look no further than Alcoholics Anonymous. Their twelve steps often contain very simplistic language that forces the addict to admit things about their own self that bring upon personal change. As a result, platitudes do affect us all, and can transform the way we conceptualize our experiences.

  • Words can bring about change

    Platitudes are just words, but I'm not sure they're just words. Words can bring about change. Take some words which in saying doesn't really do anything apparent. Substitute the platitude with something negative and note the effect. If nothing else, platitudes produce a different effect than negative commentary, this is enough to show that words aren't just words.

  • Talking Can Bring Change

    I believe the use of platitudes can bring about change, they are not just words. I know I'm open to changing my mind about different things if I'm persuaded to do so. Nothing is written in stone and there's always the change that I've misunderstood something from my limited knowledge on a subject. For that reason, I can be swayed by words.

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