• United States Navy diplays desire to remain the world's greatest

    The US Navy is once again rolling out its latest technological marvel in the form of a guided missile destroyer. The USS Zumwalt is arriving just in time as the current class of naval destroyers is aging and current world threats call for a new set of offensive and defensive capabilities.

  • Yes, this is a first rate ship

    Yes, the USS Zumwalt is worth the hefty $4.4 billion price tag. It is a first class ship. We live in uncertain times and we need to have the most dominant ships and forces. This ship is needed to protect the US and deal with all the worldly issues we face today.

  • No, the Zumwalt is not seaworthy.

    The USS Zumwalt is already more expensive than proven alternatives. In addition, several well-trained critics have raised concerns regarding the ship's stability in real-world conditions. The Navy has responded to these criticisms by saying that they will continue to conduct tests to ensure the ship's seaworthiness, however, these tests will only add to the mounting price tag for this ship.

  • Too much money for a ship

    I honestly cannot understand spending that much money on any one thing. If this ship goes out to sea and gets damaged, either from hostile fire or some kind of unforeseen obstacle, can you imagine the amount it would cost to repair or salvage it. The government really needs to be better stewards of the people's money. There is nothing wrong with a little conservative spending.

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