Is the value of science greater than that of religion?

  • Religion is Ignorance

    You say science can only take you so far, but religion does not take you anywhere. All you get is the book with no facts but stories or what not, which you have to follow or be scared since someday you will be taken to a magical happy or scary land. Additionally, there are no evidence of there existence.

  • Seeing is believing

    There is a place for religion in some peoples lives but it is a blind faith that asks people to believe in something that they cannot see and hear. Science helps us to come up with medications and ways to ensure that our earth is taken care of. Science is something tangible.

  • No, science only goes so far.

    No, the value of science is not greater than that of religion, because science can only go so far in explaining the mysteries of the universe. There are some things that science will never be able to answer. Science is helpful to understand religion, but it will never fully take its place, because religion is paramount.

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