Is the value of science greater than the value of religion?

  • yes, science is valuable

    What is the value of religion? Science is valuable. Thanks to science, there are hearing aids, there are heart transplants, there are cervical cancer vaccines, breast scans, and other medical sciences that save peoples lives.
    Thanks to science we can predict what our actions can do to our earth, and so we learn how to live to appreciate our earth, and take care of our earth.
    Thanks to science we know what foods we should eat to live healthy.
    You wouldn't be on a computer joining this debate if it wasn't for science.
    Oh yeah.... what was the value of religion?

  • Leaving out the emotional aspect, yes, science contributes much more to the greater good than religion.

    Religious advocates are far more vociferous and passionate than science zealots. But science has undoubtedly contributed more to the greater good of mankind and all earth's inhabitants. Consider that nearly all so-called miracles are explainable by science, and that scientists, doctors and the like perform what we call miracles every day in operating rooms and labs.

    Posted by: Th4Fire
  • Science has contributed much more to humanity than religion.

    Science is neutral about everything. It makes no attempts to adversely impact human rights. Religion, at its best gives people false hope, and at its worst causes heinous crimes against human rights. It has caused everything from Sarah Palin's popularity, to the 9-11 attacks, to the Spanish Inquisition, and the inhibition of black, female, and gay rights over the years.

    Posted by: TheevilClau
  • Science is backed by reality where as religion is pure myth.

    I believe the value of science is greater than the value of religion. The only reason people would think otherwise is because religious belief gets in the way of the facts and hard evidence regarding the scientific findings of the past several decades.

    Science does not have to be incompatible with religion, and certainly has a higher value than religion. It is scientific empirical data that has led to the major medical revelations that are saving the lives of the religious people that disagree with this statement!

    Posted by: VincenzoB
  • Science is more valuable than religion. Religion has out-lived its usefulness.

    Before Newton, Brahe/Kepler, and Galileo, religion had a purpose; it provided society with structure. Since the aforementioned figures, however, religion has been a hindrance, by retarding our culmination of knowledge (i.e., famously, the church forcing Galileo to recant). Further, religion promotes intellectual laziness and dishonesty; in Christianity, for example, the unquestioning, simultaneous belief of contradicting Biblical passages is not only encouraged, but expected. Finally, unchecked religious faith has great destructive potential. The ceaseless calamity in the middle-east illustrates this tragically.

    Posted by: B4ryJava
  • The value of science is greater than the value of religion because science is what proves theories about certain religions.

    I believe that the value of science is greater than the value of religion due to the fact that some theories of religion have been disproved because the use of science prevailed. Science can approve or disapprove the different religious theories in the world, but religion is one subject that will always have unanswered questions. Science is the hard evidence to justify the theory of certain things.

    Posted by: N34rIyGaIv
  • I do agree that science is greater than religion, science continues to make important breakthroughs in our community

    Religion makes more of a historical and spiritual contribution to society. Science makes advancements in health, technology, and industry. We need science to be able to evolve and progress. Science plays such a vital part in us growing as a community. Science always grow and we can benefit from it. Religion has also had a part in science as well.

    Posted by: C0ImEIite
  • The value of science is greater than the value of religion because there is proof that can back up scientific conclusions

    The value of science is greater than the value of religion because science experiments have an objective process by which something must be proven. In addition, when a scientific conclusion is reached, the experiment should be able to be reproduced again and again with the same results. The same cannot be said for religion. While religion can provide personal, spiritual, and emotional relief, it is not the root upon which law, government, and other things concerning the body politic should be based upon.

    Posted by: SandDari
  • I think the value of science is greater than the value of religion.

    I think the value of science is greater than the value of religion. Science has given us the ability to cure diseases, learn about nature and understand our universe. Without science, our world would not exist as it does today -- we would be without the technology we have and many other health issues would prevail. Religion is an important segment of culture, but is not essential to our survival, whereas science allows us to create a better lives in this world.

    Posted by: ObaICheese
  • Science makes testable claims; religion doesn't.

    Science is what has made it so I can answer this question and earn some money in the comfort of my apartment. Without science, I would have to work in a field all day or even hunt/gather my food. The reason I can do that is because scientists create hypotheses about how the world works, and if they're right, a useful idea or product emerges, such as a computer or car. Religion, on the other hand, just gives us platitudes. Since it can't be verified, the best course of action is just to ignore religion. One thing I will say in religion's favor is that it tends to motivate pro-social behavior (e.g. charitable giving) better than other methods.

    Posted by: 54uIIan
  • Stop trying to find the meaning of life, it's not there.

    True, medical science is good, but humans need to stop trying to figure out everything! We don't need to know everything! We are not God so don't even try to be smarter than him. He knows all, we don't, end of story! Eve bit into the apple to be as smart as god, and see where that went wrong? They both got punished severely and so did the many future generations! Haven't we learned from our mistakes?

  • I'm sorry?

    can any of you answer me, who were the fathers of science, who started the huge advancements of science? The roman catholic scholars, the reason we have the knowledge we have today is because of the basic knowledge we learned from the ones before us, They came up with the concept of "science" because they wanted to understand God's creations, They wanted to be able to understand God's amazing creations. And as for Science being more "curing" than Religion; the statement is 100% false. You can read that science has made advancements and it has, I thank God for the cures and information we have today, But how do you explain my brother flipping his truck on the highway and coming out without a scratch? (truck is totaled by the way), or how Blind men have been blessed when one moment they can't see and then the next they get to see the beautiful world before them? Or how a man who was born with no arms and no legs is supposed to die but grows up to get married and becomes a pastor at a church and thanks God for the life he lives everyday? So say that religion has nothing to do with science, or say that science and religion don't mix but I believe that science and religion do mix, I believe they should be mixed and side by side, and the things that we can't prove scientifically I let go and just believe in Faith. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and weather you agree or disagree send me a message and God bless you all!

  • Science has a purpose though religion

    1. Religion is a word that I do not like. Christianity is a way of life. And if we had not had sin from the beginning we would not be in this mess. We would not have know all these things.
    Science tries to equal Gods knowledge like eve tried to be as intelligent as God by biting into the apple.
    2. What point in knowing how things work if we do not know why they work and who makes them work. What is the point of living to learn if you are not certain your future. For it is better to know the Lord and he shall tell us all we need to know.
    3. Religion as word has no value it is more the relationship with God and with people more than material things that we can obtain through science but have no eternal meaning, that have value.

  • No no no

    Religion is a subject or topic that cannot be touched by science because it is a force that science cannot explain; science cannot explain ones’ faith, belief or confidence in something. Religion is much older than science, science came to be known later. When it comes to peoples mental well-being religion is the answer. Science may have been victorious in some occasions because people want something that can be seen or proven in front of their eyes while religion is a leap of faith. Science has caused more harm than those who take religion and try to alter it to their own likings. Neither is at fault religion or science it is we, the human beings that always take something that is good and beneficial to us and turning it into something that is destructive.

  • Religion and Science are compatible

    Religion and Science, opposed to popular beliefs, are actually compatible. God created us, he gave us brains to understand, and reason out things, it would be a sin not to use these gifts. But when you start placing it over God, you make it a god itself. He gave us brains, use them. But don't start worshipping what they can do.

  • No, the Bible is more important.

    The bible says the shape of the Earth and even what is on the planet. For example it says this. Hast thou stand upon the circle of the Earth. Also it says hast thou enter of the springs of the sea. It also says that you suppose to clean clothes with running water and soap and guess what we do the same thing today! The bible even compares with the number of stars in space with the number of grains of sand on the Earth! Don't get me wrong my favorite subject is science! And in my opinion they o not contradict each other! The reason why I say the bible is a useful tool is because there are things that we discovered in science that verifies the bible! Except angels demons and what not. If man evolved from monkeys where did our conscience came from?! We know what's good and what's bad but guess what monkeys don't! Any way I love science!

  • Religion is the founding stone of science.

    No, I disagree that the value of science is greater than the value of religion. There has always been debate between the science and religion. Science has given so much to the humankind but I still feel that the basic founding stone for science is religion. The value of science doesn't help man to progress towards the making of better human being. The very fact that when there is any problem we don't turn towards science rather we pray to God for the well-being.

    Posted by: I0rFashion
  • I believe the value of religion is greater -- religion as a mix of science and culture.

    It is arguable and we cannot give a definite answer, but comparatively we can have higher regards for religion. Mostly, religion is developed over a prolonged practice and process collective knowledge both explained and unexplained. It is a mixture of science and culture, as well as various other aspects; whereas, science is definitive with a narrow view.

    Posted by: SaroM0vi3
  • Science and religion can both have a place in our lives, and I do not believe that one is more important than the other.

    I believe that science and religion are both important in our lives, and believing in one does not preclude believing in the other. Science obviously helps us to understand how the world evolved and how human beings came to be. I think this can easily be incorporated into religious belief, because no matter how we got here, it seems like a miracle to me. Science presents us with facts while religion gives us a basis for morality in our lives.

    Posted by: R0d0Ferdy
  • Science can't answer everything; religion can't answer anything.

    Both provide a useful function for a balanced individual. Man will always push the limit of what is understood. But as a limit is removed, he finds before him a new set of limits, even more complex and daunting than before. Acceptance of the Infinite and the Inconceivable is the only philosophy that will stand the test of time.

    All other truths are subject to Time and society. As Science becomes more complex, Religion will become more abstract. What few people can see is that they are working towards the same end: describing the Universe in as abstract a form as possible.

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Inurt203 says2013-02-15T10:27:56.890
Science contributes to manking but religion contributes greately and its effect shaped our world and will continue to shape it in the future.I dont know if it can be descried quantitatively.And i dont think that it can be so simplified with yes or no.Imagine a world without religion.You can't.Everywhere would be chaos in one way or other, certainly would have consequences.Human behavior,conduct would be very different than it is today and that would shape w people interact with each other etc.Most people in this world like to think that there is something greater than them and that gives them comfort and hope in difficult times and that in turn leads to other benefits like low crime or productivity among many other.and that leads to other and so forth.It may be difficult to imagine how can religion influences economics but it does.Im not talking about religion here but about belief in something supreme.So religion is an extension of belief,is a way of expresing belief.An order.I dont think that it could have been possible the society as it it today without religion.So both science and religion impact our lives differently and that s why my answer is NO.
Excel says2014-04-24T00:30:10.623
So many of the questions we face in life have nothing to do with quantities, and that is — here’s the obvious and significant part — why religion matters more than science. Religion is about ultimate questions, morality and meaning, our purpose in life, our eternal destiny, our God.

So the next time you’re in a discussion about science and religion, remember this. We don’t comfort children who have nightmares by telling them how many neurons fired. We don’t mourn the death of a loved one because a carbonaceous mass decomposes. We don’t even do science because brain matter follows the laws of physics. We do it because we’re human, made in the image of God with the power of intellect and will and we want to understand our world. We do science because we know there’s more than science. Religion matters more than science and I think it’s time to have some fun asserting that.

God is the one who gave us knowledge and the curiosity to think beyond the box. Without him I wouldn't be here stressing myself over the importance of God in our life. He is the divine creator, who gave his only precious child to be slandered and humiliated so that we could be free and gain salvation. I mean Jesus could of had said "why should I sacrifice myself when I am innocent?" I can imagine him thinking about that on and on until he said “no, I mustn't leave these people without a chance of salvation; they are a part of me." He chooses to carry the cross and still love his prosecutors even though they didn't deserve it. This is what I think, and I hope this has enlightened you and answered your queries. God Bless!