• Yes, it is entertaining

    It's very entertaining. You get to watch stunning models strut the runway wearing incredibly stunning underwear. You would rarely get to see many people wearing those types of clothes. It's nothing to take overly seriously, it's just pure entertainment. Why not enjoy it? I definitely enjoy seeing the beautiful women.

  • Lingerie fashion show a hit amongst men and women

    Once again it's that time of year when Victoria's Secret rolls out another impressive display involving their latest sensual gear presented by the world's sexiest models. For men there is an obvious attraction which undoubtedly will steal a glance or two. And for women the excitement is justified as many are eager to see the latest trends so that they can quickly decide on their newest bedroom wardrobe additions.

  • It is a one of a kind art

    I believe if we look at fashion shows like the one of Victoria's Secret as a kind of art, it will be considered as entertaining. This is due to the variety of the pieces on the models, music and colours. With all kinds of creativity involved in the show, no one would deny that the show is entertaining. With designers creation of artwork in terms of fashion production, many of us would love this kind of show and agree on the motion.

  • Its not exploitation

    The women featured on the runway are models who are of age and who can back out, if they wish. Recently, I was asked if I thought it was exploitation and i had to say no. The fashion show isn't just like any other fashion show where the models mindlessly strut up and down a catwalk to show off whatever new designer has to offer. Instead, the victoria's secret fashion show emphasises natural, healthy beauty and encourages the ladies on the show to flaunt there personalities and interact with the audience and performers.

    As for making girls self conscious, the brand encourages healthy food and working out so instead of the angels being the stick thin models you can find at fashion week, they are lean and strong, which in my opinion is a good thing for them to advertise. Just because they are slim doesn't make them bad role models since they are in no way starving themselves, they are nourishing their bodies with what it needs

  • It is a violation of women's privacy!!!

    This is a completely inappropriate way to get people to watch you! This is not being a good role model to children. Please be cautious of what you are showing to venerable minds!!! This is wrong and is offenceve in many ways. Again, please be careful about what you put on TV

  • The Victoria's Secret Show is not entertaining.

    I choose not to watch the Victoria's Secret Show because it is just a group of "perfect" women showing off their body. I find the way that VS portrays their brand very discriminating. VS "angels" all have the characteristics of being tall, size zero, and flawless skin. Many girls who watch the show fee terrible about themselves afterward. I just do not appreciate this.

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