• Selling sex is sexist.

    If you need 50 words to support your argument, There is something very wrong with your argument. If you really read all the 50 words of someone's argument, You are very stupid. And if you still read this, Well, Selling sex is still sexist and there is nothing wrong with it.

  • The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show if for the Patriarchal Man!

    The fashion show caters to patriarchal men who objectify women and tout an unrealistic ideal of beauty. Women are left feeling inadequate because they are not underweight. Women don't owe prettiness to anyone. Women are not empowered by flaunting their waist and breast size! In particular, the fashion show perpetuates the myth that women NEED to be pretty in order to take up space in the world.

  • Peer pressure and what can we do?

    Sadly we still have this kind of show in the 21st century and the worst is that many girls blindly admire it just because it’s sexy, making their partners happy. Self-awareness depends on education, life wisdom and personality. May my Twitter about anti Victoria’s Secret Show Influnces somebody’s minds. All I can do is little, but I’m happy that I haven’t bought Victoria’s product for 5 years.

  • Yes, the Victoria's Secret fashion show is sexist

    Yes, the Victoria's Secret fashion show is sexist because its sole purpose is to sell lingerie displayed on models with unrealistic body shapes, and objectify and showcase women's bodies. This type of entertainment reinforces and perpetuates imagery featuring women in sexualized situations, and promotes the damaging idea that women must be attractive to men and sexy at all times, and at an unattainable standard of beauty.

  • Beauty of life must be preserved

    Victoria’s Secret shows are sexist against women. Women are the beautiful part of the human relationship between men and women which Victoria’s Secret shows does not comply. These shows appeal to fantasies that have to do some, but not all, in human life. They show the beauty of women are easily achievable without the feeling of emotional attachment. Apart from all the happiness, pain, love, hate etc., that they experience and realize, the feeling of relationship between women and men are very important and must be preserved.

  • How can it be when its women doing it????

    Its women on the stage, Its women buying the product, its women wearing it. How can it be sexist? North america has become a joke. How do you call something sexist that millions support? Women calling other women sexist because they support products like this and objectification for money, gain etc? We got a real problem then.

    Posted by: zoo
  • I am not stupid.

    I know women don't look like that. I've been attracted to women with different body types, hair. (Even short) Skin colour, etc.
    These are women who have nice bodies, if they want to show off they can, I certainly don't mind.- And I'm not just saying that because I am a teenage boy! I honestly don't mind if someone wants to show off their body, male or female.

  • Victoria Secret empowers women

    I used to think a bunch of women parading around in their underwear was simply demeaning but I watched the show for about ten minutes the other day and had to change my tune. The girls looked healthy, beautiful and powerful. For a moment in time everyone wanted to be just like them. They were bigger than life, tall, statuesque and carried themselves like amazons on the prowl. The clothes were not just beautiful and sexual but also had a bit of an artistic flair to them. To top it off they had up to date trendy music playing in the background so it became more than just a fashion show. It was elevated to the level of a huge event broadcasted around the world. Kudos to them for giving women a platform to show beauty, art and feminine power.

  • These models choose to walk in the show--they aren't made to

    The Victoria's Secret fashion show is not sexist. Lingerie is technically made for women. These models choose to wear the lingerie and show it off--no one is forcing them. Men do watch the show and ogle the women, but again, no one is forcing them to wear the skimpy clothing. Further, the lingerie is created for women so I think that only allowing women to walk in the show is totally fair. There is a time and place to be politically correct and the fashion show isn't it.

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