Is the video game industry headed towards another crash?

Asked by: JamesKLugo
  • Yes it is

    The reason the first game crash happened was due to a lack of quality control. And guess what the number 1 biggest issue that people have with mobile app stores? Before you know it, Everyone is going to give up on video games. And don't you dare tell me it's not a problem, Because it is. Search up "Mario" on the app store, And besides Mario Run and guides, There will be an infinite amount of low quality knock offs and bootlegs. Yes, People are playing them, But that's the same thing that happenned in 1983. Overrall, Apple and Google better straighten up, Or else these PHONES will have nothing to write HOME. (Get it? Phone home? E. T? )

  • Yes, the video game industry may be in trouble.

    The video game industry may be headed toward trouble. One main reason is that tablets have provided a very economical entertainment for those who like game playing. Apps are available for free for handheld devices, so the prices of games suddenly can look very high in comparison. That being said, the video game industry has done innovative things that simply can't be done with game apps, such as the Wii and its motion detection. Still, they will not appeal to as many players, as people who aren't avid gamers may find more economical ways of game entertainment.

  • Video Game Industry Just Fine

    No, the video game industry is not headed for another crash along the lines of the infamous one from 1983. Video games companies are selling more systems and games than ever, and Nintendo in particular has been working to make video games accessible to those who do not normally play games.

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