Is the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) a Good Law?

  • I think the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) is a Good Law.

    I think the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) is a Good Law. We have to do anything in our power to stop
    violence against women. This includes
    passing laws like this and also making punishment mandatory in all domestic
    violence cases. I think passing laws
    like these is a wise thing to do.

  • Violence against women? What about violence against people in general?

    Maybe if we stopped acting as thought women should be treated differently, people would stop treating them so differently. We are trying to raise a gender equal world and this law is saying that women need more protection than men. There may be more reported assaults from women, but that is because men think they will not be taken seriously if they reported it. There are other laws that assure the safety of men, women and children, there is no need for this law. This is like when you were kids and all the guys thought, "you aren't allowed to hit a girl" Technically, you aren't allowed to hit anyone, male or female, so this is illogical.

  • Where is the violence against men/children act????

    Women are the instigators of violence more often than men, and are 2x less likely to be raped or attacked by a stranger than a man. Women are the domestic abusers. Men are laughed at, denied at shelters, and lose court cases, when they are sexually assaulted/abused/raped, assaulted, or are victims of domestic violence. They are the ones that are abused more than women. This act is unneeded and is not equal. Women do not deserve more rights, simply because they are women.

  • There is no reason for this law.

    There is no reason for the Violence Against Women Act. There are plenty of laws already in place that protect women. There are already laws against violence. There are laws against rape. There are laws against against assault. These laws cover women as well as men. There is no reason to make a law especially for women. If women really wanted equal treatment they wouldn't ask for this.

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