• The Voice is Entertaining

    I don't get to watch the show daily, but I have seen it in the past and it does hold my attention most of the time I get to see it. It's not one of my favorite shows to watch, but it's good if you like watching people in the music industry.

  • The Voice is not entertaining

    The Voice is not entertaining. This is because it just seems to be an avenue where people use vocal accents that seem to already be mainstream, and try to get picked up for sounding like someone else. For example, if Adele is a popular singer at the time, you will have people that can sing imitating her voice because producers already have a sure thing with Adele's voice.

  • These kinds shows have run their course.

    I think shows like "The Voice" have really run their course. How many of the contestants on these type shows actually go on to have real success? I think they offer false promises to the contestants. The music industry chews up and spits out talent on a daily basis. I think there are a lot of people with a decent voice. There are very few, though, with exceptional talent, and the look/skill to really make it in the music industry. I think people are getting tired of watching people week after week, thinking they're really going to "make it", only to never hear from them again once the show is over.

  • I don't personally enjoy "The Voice".

    I know lots of people like "The Voice," and I am not saying it is bad. It might be a good show. I personally don't like it because I only like shows that have stories and characters, not random people singing. It depends what your personal preferences for entertainment are.

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