Is the vote of Crimea a free and independent vote under the stronghold of Russian army?

Asked by: ark200
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  • It might reflect their wishes, but it was not free and independent

    I don't see how anyone could view the Crimean vote as free and independent. Many Crimeans may be in favor of being incorporated into Russia but the circumstances of the election prevent this from being a free and legitimate vote. The vote was arranged in a hasty manner leaving no time for political discourse and it was performed under the influence of an occupying power.

  • Vote under the stronghold of army cannot be free and independent.

    First Russian army captured Crimea. Next vote in Crimea. Next the result is in favor of Russia. If these are the sequence of event actually happened, then i don't think the vote reflect the true mentality of Crimean. Isn't it possible that people vote in favor of Russia for the fear of life?

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