Is the Voting Rights Act a perpetuation of racial entitlement?

  • Yes, it perpetuates the atmosphere of entitlement based on race.

    The voting rights act is indeed something that perpetuates the atmosphere of entitlement based on race. It is from an era that has long since passed. While it served its purpose in the 1960s when it was first passed, many things have changed since then. As such, it can be done away with.

  • It is a constitutional entitlement!

    The voting rights act protects all Americans from the tyranny of the majority. It upholds the constitution and the bill of rights. It is as American as apple pie. Justice Scalia is not making a rational argument. His reasoning is flawed and can be easily countered by the Constitutions "one man/woman, one vote" edict. Voting rights are enshrined in the constitution and must be protected for all Americans.

  • Race-discrimination survives and race-baiting is Republican policy

    As a Florida voter, I saw the discriminatory effects of limiting early voting -- picking an "obscure" location, I waited four hours to vote on the second day of early voting. Republican and Democratic Registrars of Voters objected to state policy; only in sections of the state covered by Section 5 were hours extended. The effect was to subvert the ability of hard-working lower- and lower-middle class citizens to vote.

    The fact that the National Republican Party has adopted "the Southern Strategy", seeking to undo the ability of minority voters nationwide, does not diminish the endemic hatred of blacks I find -- and I'm not black! -- in Florida and elsewhere. This is the politics of fear and exclusion; how easy is it to recall the riots against the "black Irish" in the 1840's, the anti-Asian "understandings" -- or even the time Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh accused "World Jewry" of causing World War II!

  • All non-criminal citizens have the right to vote in the US; we need to uphold that right.

    Voting is a right that minorities and women had to fight to achieve. People who are not criminals and are legal United States citizens have the right to vote. It does not matter what your race or gender is, that person has the legal to vote. This right to vote must be upheld through any means, including the Voting Rights Act.

  • No, it levels the playing field.

    The Voting Rights Act is in no way, shape, or form a perpetuation of racial entitlement. To ask such a question is absolutely ridiculous. To ensure that every group has the equal right to cast their vote is not entitlement, it is merely making sure that everyone has a level playing field.

  • No, It Is Definitely Not

    Voting is a right, not an entitlement. Anybody who suggests it is not a right is not interested in seeing true equality in America. Even with Obama as the president, there are still real and pressing racial issues in this country. People are trying to chip away at voting rights, and they need to be stopped.

    Posted by: rpr

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