Is the wage gap between men and women in the U. S. A. Due to sexism?

Asked by: Hamilton456
  • Yes you can literally see for yourself

    The whole fact that you cannot talk about wages is why no one talks about it. Women and people of color are often paid less for THE SAME amount of work than male peers.
    It is not a because they do less but because they are the least likely speak out against it.
    Look at all those easy high paying jobs that do not require an education. Some of them like log cutters and firemen are demanding and require a strong male. But then other jobs like accounting or office work are biased and openly discriminate.

  • YES kids should be Paid for good grades!

    Of course the kids should get paid because the will have more good grades. If the kids don´t have good grades then they will fail their classes, No parent wants their children to fail unless they really don´t care. It's not like they stole some ones grades. They should get paid.

  • Yes, Because they work the same jobs.

    For example, If both a man and a woman are working in the same tech firm, In the same position, Then there is a very good chance that the woman is being paid less. It is not because, As you assume, She has a lesser work ethic or gets fewer things done, But simply because the upper management will view her as "less valuable".

  • Competence, And social movements.

    Men, Usually work more hours than women, And also do not have to worry between deciding over family and a job, Which does give them the edge in terms of productivity.

    Yes there are sexist movements out there, That deny men the right pay they deserve, But it is mostly because of the big corporations trying to suck up to these people and paying women more than men for less work.

  • Personal Choice Is Not Sexism

    First of all the statistic saying that women are paid 77 cents to a mans dollar does not mean a woman gets paid 23 cents left. What they did to get this statistic is by dividing what ALL women make by what ALL men make. Since men usually decide to retire later, Work more hours, Not take fraternity leave, And are more likely to ask for a raise, It makes since that they get paid more. It isn't sexism. It is choice.

  • It is not sexist, It has to do with many other factors.

    When people say that women earn less than menfor the same job, It simply isn't true. In fact this has been debunked by women. On average, A man works more overtime hours, Is less likely to take a sick day or personal day, And is less likely for maternity leave. Also, On average, Men are more likely to ask for a raise. These extra earnings explain the difference in a man's salary than a women's. If there are the same hours and everything else worked by both the man and the woman, And the woman still gets paid less, That's illegal. If there was a wage gap, Wouldn't companies hire only women to save money?

  • Women take maternity leave

    Women often go on maternity leave, So companies are paying them for six months of doing no work. They have to make up for this loss by paying them less on average. Because paternity leave is not very common, Only women are paid less for this reason.

    Also, Given that for most jobs women and men are equally competent, If women were paid less for the exact same job as men without any other factors, Companies would only hire women because they could get the same work for cheaper.

  • The wage gap is not due to sexism.

    The wage cap is by the hours that men and women work, Not by job or rank in the job. A lot of feminists have been coming at me lately arguing with me about this. For more information on the wage gap go the YouTube channel called ShoeOnHead. Thank You.

  • No the study that supposedly shows that there is a wage gap is not accurate.

    It merely took the total amount of money that women made and the total amount that men made and compared the 2. Men earned more because they have higher positions and work longer hours. On top of that men are also more likely to work overtime and be more ambitious than women in their companies.

  • No, It's because of differences in behaviour

    Women are more likely to work part time or less hours than men (not because they can't, But because they don't want to, Or they have children) and tend to be less competitive and assertive in the work place, While men tend to be more ambitious and competitive.

    There is a wage gap (I would argue that it isn't as much as some people would have you believe) but it is largely based on the individual choices and tendencies of men and women.

  • NO because a wage gap is due to different job opppurtunities

    When a mom talks to her kid, Most of the time she instills a type of bias about this being a certain type of job. So when she picks a lower-paying job, Her choice by the way, Men should not be blamed for this type of decision that is made.

  • The pay gap (if it exists) allows women more than men.

    It is true that women earn less than men, However, This is because of the choices that men and women tend to make. Women tend to choose safer jobs, And so have less compensation for the risk of working. If these and other factors are taken into account, Men actually earn less than women overall.

  • It is illegal to pay women less

    The fact is its against the law under the equal pay act. The only sexism of it is three things. One some bosses do break the law and pay less than a man but this is really rare. Another one is the boss gives the bigger position to the man which is true but since there are many powerful women in the job market. Another big problem is in the past girls were not equal to men so those girls bring down the average wage gap for women but its not because of current sexism.

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