• The wage gap is barely a problem.

    Scaled down, Even ridiculous claims of XX% turn out to be minimal numbers. And even those numbers can be explained logically. There certainly are unfair distributions, But those are, At least in western society, Negligible. Modern activists should rather point their heads towards most of africa and certain asian countries, Where equality between both genders is nonexistent.

  • Wage gap is flawed argument

    From women's perspective I see why they are complaining about the issue. The reason is just the type of jobs and the pay of the jobs. If a woman was a doctor and a man was a nurse, The woman would make more, If it was the other way around then the man would make more. The asking of equal pay is essentially asking for communism. Everyone gets what they need and they work for the good of society.

  • The wage gap argument, In concept, Is flawed.

    The reason there is any wage gap at all is because of the jobs that women chose to do. For instance, If a woman chooses to be, Say, A nurse, That will pay less then a doctor. Also, There is a lot of women who also chose lesser paying jobs so there can be a parent with their children at least most of the time. Claiming a wage gap is like claiming that koalas are discriminated because they choose to eat foods that have less nutritional value.

  • Of course there is a wage gap.

    If stay at home dads were more common & accepted in our society, The scales would tip the other way.
    In Australia the biggest issue is that women have less money in their super funds than men do.
    Just pass a law that if a couple has children, Then the person who stayed at home with the kids should receive a payout into their super fund from their partner to compensate for their time off work

  • It simply is a lie in america and the continuous debate is getting stupid.

    So The american wage gap is a complete lie. If you look at their "Data" Its men's median earning over women's median earnings. There are NUMEROUS problems with this. It doesn't take into account 1. Hours worked (Women average 36 a week, Men average 41 a week) 2 the kind of jobs worked (Men as a whole work more dangerous and higher paying jobs), Education (Once again men simply have as a whole more education) it's not even an average so that data is easily skewed. And the list goes on.

  • It Is Dumb In The USA Because It Is Not Real In The USA

    There are many countries where the gender wage gap is still real; however, In the USA the gender wage gap no longer exists. Yes, There is a gender earnings gap, But no there is not a gender wage gap. The gender earnings gap is caused by choices made by women and men.

  • There's nothing at stake.

    Look at it form both sides:

    If you think it's real, Don't run around screaming this information most people have already heard, Go to businesses where the wage gap is a problem and bring the evidence to court. It's already out-lawed.

    And if you think it's false, Your not really fighting anything threatening. The worst they can do is make a false wage gap claim and bring it to court. Then you can just prove them wrong though the judge. And if it seems like their right then help them out. Most people who say it's false still believe in equal rights.

  • Wage gap is a problem.

    Wage gap is a problem in our society. If we look at developing nations(developing, Not developed) we often see in low scale business, Women are paid far less, And often exploited. In developed nations, We see the opposite. Men, Are getting paid far less, Due to companies trying to appease the social movement.

    The reason these are problems, Is that they discourage people to contribute something to the development of their nation. Imagine, If all of us, Would be paid fairly, We would allow more competent people work in jobs, Providing us innovative products and services. So yes, We must debate this topic, And it is certainly not dumb

  • No you are being willingly cheated

    People are being constantly cheated on their wages. Most people do not even know. Wages are something that are not allowed to be openly discussed and I bet the people who are saying yes don't even the wages their coworkers get.
    I went to work for a person who literally paid me less than an incompetent worker who always showed up late and did less work than me. I asked to be paid equal to him and he told me that was the wage we agreed on. I was never told about this and I tried to raise it, But then he gave me the weakest excuses
    I could not take him to court Hamilton he was legally protected by the law. So I left that horrible boss and went my way.
    People deserve an honest wage and if people like you continue to ignore this it will spell doom.
    When the poor have nothing to eat they will eat the rich
    this came true in the french revolution and will happen if you keep shortchanging people and then giving weak legal excuses

  • It is not

    People are being cheated out of wages. Not just women and minorities but white men too. This nation makes more money than it did before but does not pay the workers a fair amount. The 1 percent and the top 10 percent keep the majority of the wealth to themselves, And make the rest fight for it. The white man is one of the most protected classes. Luckily the bible says that the rich shall not enter and that the poor are called to the kingdom of heaven. I noticed that a certain someone is deleting posts like a coward. So if you read and delete this, You are in denial and you are afraid of someone actually thinking different than you.

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