• There is a wage gap, but not for the reasons people think

    Most people believe the wage gap is because the workplace is sexist, this simply is not true. If you look at the lowest paying career choices, 4/5 are dominated by women. If you look at the highest paying career choices, you will see 4/5 of them are dominated by men. This isn’t sexism, it’s womens choices. The reason people still believe this is because when you take the median earnings of men working full time, and divide that by the median earnings of women working full time, the difference is $.77/$1. The reason this is false is because it doesn’t count the main factors. Career, position, hours worked per week, education, or time takes off of work. So yes the wage gap exists. Is it because of sexism? No, it all comes down to the choices women make in their career and life choices.

  • Issue: women's choices.

    It should be hard to believe that in a nation such as the U.S, women are more susceptible to falling out of the workforce in order to take care of their children and families.

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women also take vacations more frequently than their male counterparts. They clock in less hours, ergo they make less money.

    A simple argument can also dispel the notion that a 'wage gap' exists; if employers could successfully hire women for less than men for the same work, why are men the predominant demographic in the labor force? 92 percent of work-related fatalities in 2012 were men; men take harder and more risky jobs in the market, which provide more hours and more pay.

    This is not a matter of patriarchal oppression as feminists contend, more just work-family balance from women's choices [or in some cases, poor decisions].

  • Wages vs Earnings In the Developed World

    The fallacy of the "wage gap" between sexes is simple, they chose to focus on wages instead of overall earnings, thus defeating their hypothesis from the start. For example, in the United States it is illegal to discriminate base wages for identical work via sex, as detailed within "The Equal Pay Act of 1963". Addressing the United States one more, a noticeable difference arrises when one looks at the earnings gap between the sexes, which could be used to differentiate as to the value of careers according to society, which then in turn could be used to decipher which sex is more valued by a free-market. In conclusion, the wage gap isn't real because it is currently abolished by pay laws both in North America as well as in the majority of Europe, which is ironically where this issue seems to be discussed the most.

  • The wage gap isn't real

    The wage gap is simply the average earnings of women working full time. It does not count for different job positions, hours worked, or different jobs. It has nothing to do with the same job. It has nothing to do with discrimination. Therefore, it's not real and the only way it's being made real it the people who make it up and believe their lies. Wanna stop this "wage gap" women? Go to college and get good jobs.

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