Is the Walking Dead really that good at all?

Asked by: AccusedJ
  • Walking dead season 1

    I am voting yes because although i will not be a fan boy and say its the best show ever,the majority of season 3+ has been extremely boring. BUT episode 1 and 2 were the best TV episodes i have ever seen.

    If it was not for how amazing season 1 was i wouldn't be watching season 5. After u watch season 1 u keep watching because u hope there mite be 1 odd episode that was as amazing as season 1. (S2 E12)

    but there are not that many "amazing episodes" only- S1 E1,2,3,4,5,6 and S2 E1,12 and maybe S3E1 but in season 5 they are going to Washington so there is HOPE!

  • Yes it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Walking Dead is the best TV show ever and every episode gives a lot of suspense. The Walking Dead doesn't have way to much gore. The show is very interesting because the group never knows who or what is good or bad. I like this show because I love action and suspense. How do people not like the Walking Dead.

  • Good at first but not anymore

    The beginning of the walking dead started out promising and good. It had a good storyline and had me in suspense of what was causing humans to turn into walkers. As the show progressed the plot took a back seat as the show began to routinely kill off characters even though were extremely popular and replace story scenes with violence. By adopting this new way of showing off the walking dead the show as become similar to sucky zombie movies that just show gore.

  • At one time, maybe

    The walking dead was once a suspenseful show with viable and interesting plot lines and character arcs, but has since fallen in quality rather precipitously. And a certain character’s death recently sealed the deal. The Walking Dead has seemingly been trying its damnedest to shake off any vestiges of the show it was in order to manufacture progression, but in doing so has virtually destroyed everything that was successful and popular about the show. Perhaps some people still watch, but only because they remember what it was and could have been.

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